• Yes, Hilary Clinton is focusing on the issues that she believes matter to Americans

    Yes, Hilary Clinton is focusing on the issues that she believes matter to Americans. Some of the issues that Hilary Clinton is focusing on in this campaign are not of her own choice. The important matters in the campaign are often determined by current events and breaking events. Thus, Hilary has to focus on these issues.

  • she is meticulous

    Hillary Clinton is treating this race like a chess game. She is anticipating Donald Trump's every move and seems to be two steps ahead of him. As soon as he is out saying something controversial, an ad pops up less than a day or two later. She is reinforcing the nation's fear of his off the cuff, brutal, sexist, unhinged style. If her ground game has been adopted from President Obama's back in 2012, Donald doesn't have a chance in the world.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton is focusing on the right issues in her campaign.

    Hillary Clinton is focusing on many of the issues that voters care most about in her campaign. Many voters are concerned about declining wages and diminishing economic opportunities. Furthermore, there is still a lot of concern about the high costs of health care and college. Therefore, Hillary is right to focus on these issues to gain support from voters.

  • Issue, What Issue?

    Hillary's campaign exists of paid buddies who help her spread muck about her opponent. Too many scandals unaddressed, unapologized for continue to plague her campaign to the point that if she has a valid issue it is totally obscured by the scandals and history of her actions. Democrats would do well to replace her with someone less deceptive and more unifying across all demographic categories.

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