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  • No, that's not how politics works.

    Hillary Clinton is established firmly as a member of the political class. These types of people do not get derailed by minor scandals. Clinton has been under political attack ever since her husband was president, and people simply don't respond any longer. Even if it's found that she did something improper, nothing will come of it.

  • Election Year Politics Preclude Clinton's E-Mail Scandal Becoming a Legal Issue

    Under a technical reading of United States secrecy laws, Hilary Clinton and/or members of her staff have undertaken unlawful activity by using a personal email address, on an unprotected server, to conduct official Department of State business. The close scrutiny by the FBI is proof enough of this. However, with Obama still the chief executive, and Eric Holder the Attorney General, no real criminal charges will come down on the presumptive Democratic nominee or her team because doing so would derail the political momentum necessary to defeat an energized, angry Republican base in this election.

  • It would have happened already.

    I don't think there is even a chance that Hillary Clinton will be indicted for her email scandal. If there was reason for indictment, it would have already happened. I think at this point in the investigation, they would have already uncovered the information needed for indictment. I just don't see it happening.

  • The democrats won't allow it

    If Hillary Clinton were indicted for her email scandal, she wouldn't be able to be president. There's no way that the democrats are ever going to let that happen. It's unfair, because a U.S. military general was prosecuted under the same law for much less. But Clinton has friends in high places, so it'll never happen to her.

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