Is Hillary Clinton going to win the Democratic presidential nomination?

  • Most likely, yes.

    She is leading, and most of Sander's supporters just don't seem to be voting. All of his support seem to be on the internet, while Clinton's supporters are expressed in the polls. Clinton also has major name appeal as everyone knows her and the work she and her husband did, and has held a position in office giving her more credit.

  • Yes, I believe that Hillary Clinton is going to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

    Yes, I believe that Hillary Clinton is going to win the Democratic presidential nomination because Clinton holds a significant lead in terms of delegates needed to win against her opponent Bernie Sanders. Although Sanders has won some major states, I believe that Hillary Clinton is going to secure the nomination in the next upcoming months.

  • Yes, because the party supports her

    Every time there is a primary, Clinton comes out with more delegates than Sanders. Sanders even won the Michigan primary, and yet Clinton walked away with more delegates. How does this happen? Of course, Clinton has the party insiders on her side, and they have already made the decision for the people of the party, just like the republicans chose Romney for their nominee in the last election.

  • She's halfway there

    Hillary Clinton has already gathered nearly half of all the delegate votes she needs to win the nomination. She is the favorite to win many more states, and is projected to have the nomination won before the convention this summer. It would take a miracle to stop her momentum now.

  • She is so far ahead

    Hillary Clinton has the support of most of the committed super delegates, and she is way more popuar among minority voters. She also has the experience to see this campaign through to the end. People in larger states are not going to vote for Bernie Sanders unless he expands his platform.

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