Is Hillary Clinton losing ground as the lead Democratic party presidential candidate?

  • On internet polls she's actually down 30%

    The way that the news conducts their polls is actually really ineffective at getting accurate numbers, They call land lines, they can't call cell phones which most young and lower class have, by law. So many of the people that they call are older and usually aren't in the lower classes.
    On my polls on this sight I have found that Sanders is up 66% and on another persons, poll, Sanders was up 40 voters, (Hillary had 5 people voting for them, most of the people that I have personally asked, are pro Sanders as well.

  • Hillary Clinon is losing ground as the lead Democratic party.

    Hillary Clinton usually does not know what exactly she is talking about and mostly relies on the media to decide what she wants to do for herself. She should be more into politics rather than what the media wants, because media is after all a world of opinions influenced by others' opinions. Which results in people's opinions being formed by those who surround them. Not a good place to follow when you're planning to be president.

  • I think she is not losing ground.

    I think Hillary Clinton has a lot of momentum right now, especially after the recent debate and the back and forth with Donald Trump. I think the fighting with Donald Trump is actually helping her because she is all over the news right now. I don't think she is losing ground at all.

  • Hillary is still the one to beat

    Bernie Sanders has been running a great campaign. He is getting more support than anyone expected, but Hillary Clinton has the backing of the party and is still the one to beat. She also brings a ton of unique experience that none of the other candidates possess. Besides, it would be great to have her as the first woman president of the United States.

  • Hillary is still in the lead

    I believe that Hillary Clinton is still a very strong candidate leading the Democratic Party to win the presidency. She has wit and charisma. Most importantly, she has had so much experience in politics as well as foreign policies. She has established good relationship with other countries' heads. Being the former First Lady and working in the White House definitely makes her a winner in the coming presidential election.

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