Is Hillary Clinton more supportive of Latin American interests than Bernie Sanders?

  • Clinton's Latin American Policy Rooted in Realpolitik With an Eye Toward Economic Prosperity

    The recent dust-up between Sanders and Clinton over Latin American foreign policy runs the risk of muddying the waters on issues of regional stability. Though Sanders appears more supportive of non-intervention in internal Latin American affairs, criticizing, as he does so strongly, Clinton's political opportunism in the coup in Honduras, for example, Clinton's actions belie an interest in longer-term regional and super-regional stability that allows for a safer, more secure and therefore more economically productive New World neighborhood.

  • Hillary Clinton appears to be very supportive of Latin American interests.

    Hillary Clinton appears to be rather supportive of Latin American interest well beyond her counterpart Bernie Sanders. Her statement to introduce comprehensive immigration reform for the millions of Latinos in America one hundred days of her presidency is making a bold statement. Making such a statement, especially to voters in Florida, not only shows her commitment but locks her into a promise that she has to keep given the time line that she has placed on the reform. If she fails to do so, her opportunity for re-election and securing the considerable amounts of the Latino vote will be jeopardized.

  • She only supports herself

    I don't think Hillary is malicious towards Latin American interests, but they come second to her own personal interests. She's been running for President her entire life, and it would be foolish to think that any particular social issue is naive at best. She's always looking out for herself, regardless of what's going on.

  • Bernie Sanders supports Latin American Intresets more than Hillary Clinton.

    Bernie Sanders is more supportive of the Latin American demographic because a lot of his campaign has been for racial equality while Hillary's campaign has focused more on emphasising her political experience and trying to provide good answers for the community. Bernie Sanders is much more invested in Latin American interests.

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