• Yes, but not extremely important, as there were only 60 delegates at stake.

    It's certainly good for Hillary to win Puerto Rico, but bigger states (or territories) are more important. For example, there are more than 100 delegates to be awarded in both California and New Jersey, while there were about 60 awarded in Puerto Rico. That's significant, but California and New Jersey will be far more important.

  • Yes it was a signifigant victory.

    The victory was indeed significant for Hillary Clinton in last night's Puerto Rico primary. Not only was it positive foe the candidates delegate count but also will help to slow the recent momentum of Bernie Sanders. The victory also make it likely that Clinton will clinch the nomination after California votes this week.

  • Clinton on a roll with Puerto Rico victory

    Hillary Clinton's primary win in Puerto Rico is significant. It gives her momentum heading into the big showdown in New Jersey and California. It also adds to her delegate total, making her nomination inevitable. It weakens Bernie Sanders' argument that he keeps winning primaries, and it suggests voters are accepting of the fact that she will be the nominee.

  • No, Hillary Clinton's Puerto Rico win is not significant.

    Hillary Clinton won the primary for Puerto Rico but this win does not play a significant role in her overall journey to be the presidential nominee for the Democrat party. Clinton needs 2383 total delegates and although this win puts her closer to her ultimate goal, she was not able to secure all 60 delegates at stake. This win could have put her past the figure needed to secure her nomination had she done so. In the grand scheme of the primaries, these 60 delegates are not nearly as important as the delegates at stake on Tuesday with California and New Jersey closing out the polls. Should Clinton continue to secure victories and win the delegates at stake on Tuesday, she will certainly have the presidential nomination with or without Puerto Rico's delegates.

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