Is Hillary Clinton really that clueless or is she actually a diabolical genius who is putting one over on the whole world?

  • Something is going on.

    Every day there is some new revelation about Hillary Clinton, some good, some bad, and some just downright silly. There are times when I wonder if she actually believes some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth. She claims to be the only sensible choice in this upcoming presidential election but is she really good or trying to screw us all over.

  • Hillary Clinton is neither diabolical nor an evil genius.

    Hillary Clinton is not nice, honest, or ethical based on most systems of right and wrong. It doesn't take genius to lie. It takes people who are unable to discern lies from truth, in order for someone like Hillary to be successful. The phenomena of blind followers is not unique to Clinton. There are dupes on both sides and they require only the occasional pandering to secure their loyalty. The only qualification required trait is the amoral willingness to deceive others.

  • Hillary Clinton is far from clueless.

    Hillary Clinton has been involved in politics for a very long time. She has been in the White House for many years, and has a lot of first-hand experience with the world of politics. To say that Hillary is clueless is not at all a fair statement. Certainly, she's not a perfect candidate for the presidency. However, there has never been a perfect candidate. Each presidency has had ups and downs, and that will be true for whichever candidate wins the 2016 election. Hillary is just as capable of handling the presidency as any other elected president has been, and she certainly has the experience and know-how to get there.

  • Neither. Hillary Clinton is walking a publicity tightrope.

    I don't think Hillary Clinton is clueless, nor do I think that she is a diabolical genius. Hillary Clinton has her own agenda, of course, but she is being moderated and scripted by public relations personnel constantly. The issues we've been seeing regarding Hillary Clinton lately are probably 90 percent somebody else screwing up and Hillary going along for the ride.

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