Is Hillary Clinton right that Bernie Sanders is a "single-issue" candidate?

  • Bernie only wants to advance communism

    Although Bernie calls himself a socialist, if you read his writings and listen to his speeches, his ideology is distinctly communistic. His single issue of income inequality is the very basis for Marx's communism ideology. Doesn't he realize that when people realize that they are only working to support everyone else and they aren't even able to support themselves, that they will stop working and everyone will be imporverished to an extent not seen in an industrialized nation. Yes, Bernie is a one-issue-candidate. Hillary is right.

  • No, Sanders' platform encompasses many different issues.

    No, Hillary Clinton is wrong to attempt to label Bernie Sanders a "single-issue" candidate. While Sanders does speak often and passionately about economic injustice, the economy's effect on middle- and working-class Americans is not one issue, but many. Sanders addresses such varied domestic problems as overwhelming student-loan debt, wide-spread job insecurity, and the need for more affordable health care.

  • No, Bernie Sanders is not a single-issue candidate

    No, Hilary Clinton is not correct in calling Bernie Sanders a "single-issue" candidate.Bernie Sanders has a platform that is built on a variety of issues. In order to run for president, Sanders has to be able to tackle all of the major issues. Even if he is heavily focused on one or two issues, he is not a "single issue" candidate.

  • Sanders has a main issue with "smaller" issues to follow

    I would disagree with Hillary Clinton in that Bernie Sanders is a "single-issue" candidate. While I do believe he has an agenda that relies on the strength of his stand on a particular issue, he has also made reference and commented on other appetizing issues. I do believe that Bernie Sanders uses these "smaller" issues to tie into his main agenda.

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