• Yes, from rich people.

    She is obviously in the pockets of large corporations and powerful people. If she is elected there will not be any substantial change on wall street. This is really too bad. I think she is likely to get elected and that would be a bad thing for this country. She is getting votes because of her stance, however.

  • Hillary Clinton in right direction

    i think she is in the right direction .She said the brewing economic troubles weren’t mainly the fault of
    banks, “not by a long shot,” but added they needed to shoulder
    responsibility for their role. While there was plenty of blame to go
    around for the spate of reckless lending, and while Wall Street may not
    have created the foreclosure crisis, it “certainly had a hand in making
    it worse” and “needs to help us solve it.”

  • Someone has to stand up

    It is working for Elizabeth Warren and it is working for Hillary Clinton. More and more people realize the disparities in this country are largely caused by a lax attitude toward Wall Street regulation. It is also a good political move as it can draw away some of Bernie Sanders' base.

  • No, Hillary Clinton's Attitude Toward Wall Street is Not Affecting Voters' Opinions

    No, Hillary Clinton's attitude toward Wall street is not a major issue with voters. Voters are more concerned about nominating a candidate that will bring about change from the Obama presidency. They are more concerned with other economic issues, than whether or not Hillary Clinton has ties with Wall street.

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