• Clinton's Relationship with Wall Street is Too Cozy

    According to the list that Clinton's campaign team released of her speaking fees, she made $3.15 million in 2013 alone from speaking to Wall Street firms like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and UBS, In addition, these firms were top contributors to her campaign in recent years. This closeness will certainly lead to Wall Street having a huge amount of influence over her if she is elected president.

  • Hillary has too many interests with Wall Street

    Yes, I think Hillary Clinton has a level of proximity with Wall Street that I would consider dangerous. The answer may turn on Warren and Clinton’s relationships and attitudes toward Wall Street, which couldn’t be more different. Her opinions about financial reform remain something of a mystery. Much of Clinton’s economic intellectual capital and her fundraising skills are rooted in the banking industry.

  • Take America Back!

    Yes! Politicians need to stop being so concerned with their own personal profit and more concerned with how our country is running. I understand there is temptation being in a position of power to start working more for yourself and seeing money flow in probably doesn't help that. BUT a good politician should put more money towards what our citizens need, not their new houses and cars.

  • She's no republican

    Anyone in politics as long as Hillary Clinton is going to have some ties to Wall Street, either through business or through past donor activity. Bernie Sanders has had a different type of career and went out of his way to distance himself. The fact that she has some ties doesn't mean she will make policy on their behalf.

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