Is Hillary Clinton's support of gay marriage significant?

  • Yes. I truly believe that any politician willing to overturn the supreme court's ruling on gay marriage will have a low chance of becoming President.

    Although I don't like Hillary as much as Bernie Sanders, she'd definitely get my vote before I'd vote Republican. The Republicans are trying to sweep this issue under the rug. Jeb Bush did the smartest thing for the Republicans and said let's acknowledge the ruling and protect religious freedom. Rick Santorum? He'll do whatever it takes to overturn the ruling and I highly doubt most Americans want that.

  • Especially if She Becomes President

    Hillary Clinton's support of gay marriage is significant because it sets a precedent for other Democrats but also sets up a possible agenda for her presidency should she decide to run. According to some surveys, as many as 60 percent of all Americans support legalized gay marriage and some of that may be due to support from the upper echelons of American government.

  • Yes it could be significant.

    If Hillary Clinton supports gay marriage it can be very significant in the future especially if she does run for president and she ends up winning the election. It would most likely finally end gay marriage being seen as a separate type of marriage, and allow it be considered constitutional.

  • Yes it is.

    Hillary Clinton's support of gay marriage is significant. It is rare for a politician that has as much influence as Hillary Clinton does, to come out and support a side of a debate as controversial as gay marriage. This will help sway people to vote and support gay marriage bills.

  • Hillary Clinton's support of gay marriage is significant.

    Hillary Clinton's support of gay marriage is significant. Anybody that can provide a voice to allow this to happen especially in public office will make a difference to the outcome. I think gay marriage should be allowed everywhere and we would be done with the issue. Gays just want the same rights as straight couples get.

  • Her daughter is not gay, and she still supports it.

    President Clinton and Hillary both were against gay marriage, but have both come full circle in the past few weeks. Not because their child recently came out causing them to abruptly change their stance to support their family, but because they see it is a human right to support them in their fight to gain equal rights!

  • Yes, Hilary's support of gay marriage is significant and will hopefully cause other politicians to follow suit.

    I believe Clinton's support is important not because of who she is, but rather because it may hopefully lead to more politicians and public officials speaking out in support of gay marriage. I feel that gay marriage shouldn't even be an issue in politics. It is really a religious issue in my opinion, and religion and government are supposed to be separated. Gay people aren't going away, and banning gay marriage is not going to cause gays to stop living together as married partners. More politicians need to modernize in the way Hilary Clinton is doing.

  • No, Not Really

    I do not believe anyone really pays much heed to Hillary Clinton. By far, I think she is a wonderful political player, who has attempted to do great things for our country. However, she has always been blocked, ignored, or shut out. I think it is good that she supports gay marriage, but I do not believe it is significant.

  • Sadly it isn't

    You'd like to think it holds some weight as she's a Democrat the GOP actually respects, but no. The GOP shoots their own when they turn on the party values, so you can bet they'll mark her off as no longer a friend too. The GOP is not a party of "hey, a lot of people are turning towards this stance, maybe we should consider it," they're a party of "look at all these idiots not staying true to the only correct stance!" It won't matter.

  • No, because it aligns with her party's value system.

    Hillary Clinton's support of gay marriage is not significant given the political context. It would be more significant if she did not support gay marriage, given the values of her political party. What is significant about her stance on this issue, is the fact that it came to light during Obama's re-election. This better positions her for a run in 2016.

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