• Yes, Hillary Is Less Gifted Than Bill

    Hillary is certainly less gifted politically than her husband Bill. However, she is gifted with the ability to be a liar. She is also blessed with the ability to be completely self-centered and out of touch. I do not believe that Hillary is a good politician, or even a good person.

  • Bill Can't Be Beat

    Yes, Hillary is a different politician than her husband, Bill. Bill is incredibly gifted at the art of the deal, at making people comfortable and helping them to trust him (possibly even at times when they shouldn't). It is a political gift that he has in spades and it would be hard to compare anyone to him. However, it should also probably be noted, that Bill would likely not be half the politician he is without the support of his wife who has probably done innumerable things to help him along the way.

  • She doesn't have the same charm

    Bill Clinton seemed quite charming when he was first emerging as a Presidential candidate. He is a people person. He talks, he listens, he smiles, and he is somewhat candid at times. Hillary is quite the opposite. Everything that she says seems to be pre-written. She doesn't have a warmness about her. She seems cold and scripted, which is a large reason she is having such a hard time captivating voters.

  • "Hill and Bill" differ in their political abilities

    Hillary Clinton's campaign has been overshadowed by peoples' comparisons to her husband Bill Clinton's political achievements. I think that these comparisons are unfair: Hillary has accomplished so much during her political career, from serving in the Senate to working as Secretary of State. These credentials are more than enough to qualify her for the task of being President of the United States.

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