• Yes It Is

    Hinduism was founded around 1500 BC (possibly earlier) and has over 900 million adherents currently. It is the third largest religion in the world. Questioning it, would be just as easy as questioning rather or not Christianity or Islam is a religion. There are many followers, it has a history, and yes it is a religion.

  • Ancient Religion Still Around

    Hinduism is just as real of a religion as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Hinduism has been around for millennia as one of the earliest religions on our planet that still exists. Although polytheistic religions are rare these days with Judaism, Islam and Christianity en vogue, Hinduism is real because there are so many followers.

  • Hinduism is a Hybridized religion: Some sects are Polytheistic, and others Monotheist.

    Some Hindu sects worship a number of the Vishnu Avatars and their demigods/helpers. While other sects specialize in only one of the Vishnu avatars, such as Vishnu himself or Krishna and essentially recognize, but, ignore the other avatars. My yoga guru was of the first category where he had multiple avatars around his shrine which he attributed different rituals and offerings to, in expectation of different blessings from each one. Yet my work colleague was a Krishna devotee, who only worshiped Krishna and no others. At first I found the difference in them and calling them both Hinduism rather confusing.
    Now I understand.

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  • No it is not!!

    Hinduism is not a religion, it is a way of life. Sanatan dharma is a religion. Hinduism is just a part of sanatan dharma. Like a petal of a flower is not the flower similarly Hinduism is a petal and sanatan dharma is a flower. It teaches you to conquer thyself.

  • It is a Philosophy.

    Did you ever thought why Hinduism has 3.3 billion Gods and Goddess ?
    Why Sex 'Kama' was a integral part of Life-cycle as per Hinduism?
    Why few of Hindu god are worshiped as God of Wealth ?

    Because, Hinduism is not a religion, it is way larger then the concept of religion. It is 7000 years old! Who can conceptualize religion at that time ? It is actually a school of thought which have no founder.

    Hinduism is a natural and spiritual path which depicts tolerance and pro-science. It is actually a way of life.

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Sagey says2014-01-20T08:44:28.273
My Hindu Yoga Guru stated that The Biblical, Ten Commandments all likely originated from Hinduism, because they were all in their faith which was centuries older than The Bible and the writings attributed to Moses.
Now there's food for thought!