• Yes it is

    If you listen to hiphop and rap for pure musical appreciation than all is good! The tunes, beats and fast paced lyrics sound great and are technically impressive. However, it's clear to me that the lyrics in most rap songs generally promote hedonism, nihilism and materialism. These things lead to an unhealthy life style and I believe rap songs that include such lyrics (most of the mainstream rap) should not be taken seriously. The problem is of course that they are taken seriously. People believe that getting high or buying new shoes brings fulfillment. I think there is more to life than that therefore I believe rap is generally bad for you.

  • There is no evidence!

    You have no evidence! If you had evidence then I would be willing to break down and admit that though rap and hip hop are contained with completely worthless platitudes about materialism but you don't so I don't have to! Instead I assert that it's unjustified and probably amoral for you to say this!

  • Some lyrics may, but in general, no.

    Hip-hop and rap are not defined by their lyrics, rather the distinctive qualities of the rhythms and noises used to back them. That being said, it should be noted that, while some lyrical compositions promote nihilism, materialism, misogyny, and greed, the music itself doesn't. There have been folk songs dealing with death, war, sickness, human suffering, ballads of despair and loneliness, even compositions devoid of lyrics that impose a shadow of doom and pain that claws at the listeners eardrums, yet they don't define the music, as they are just clusters of words fitted to the actual genre-defining sound.
    Plus, defining a genre because of lyrical content from a few select songs in generalization, which most certainly NOT a good thing to do.

  • The same thing can be asked about any other music genre.

    I myself am not quite a fan of Rap/Hip-Hop simply because SOME rap is filled with lyrics about egocentric rappers achieving materialistic gain, promiscuous behavior with "hoes" , killing others, stealing another mans' girl, and other crap.

    That is only SOME of rap artists today but there are rappers who rap about more meaningful things. Such as; one surviving against all odds in the urban community, trying to actually be successful in life, love, anger,etc.

    Now it's simpler just to point out that there are SOME awful rap music and SOME actual good ones. This implies to all music genres. There's crappy music and good music.

    There's genres of metal that describes decapitating humans and hedonistic behavior and other violent crap. While there are some that point out human emotions. (Just using an example).

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