Is hip hop nowadays pointless and generic and all about money, power, sex, and weed?

  • Lack of money

    They never saw much money while growing up. The whole up bringing thing. So for majority of the rappers and the their listeners, money means everything in life. Hence, get money whatever the way you can = easy way = Drugs.

    Ya you can argue saying but rock music and rest also involve money etc etc..But nothing like rapussys

  • I think so, mostly.

    There will always be exceptions and there will always be those musicians out there going their own way and making creative and thought provoking music, but a large percentage of rap is about the same subject matter. A lot of popular music in general tends to be about the same subject matter.

  • Money & The Internet Killed Hip Hop

    Money is the motivation now. It used to be empowerment, creativity, dedication to fans and the streets... It is no longer. Now Hip Hop is full of sell-outs. The untalented get all of the attention, money and power and those who TRULY have talent get ignored because talent doesn't equal profits. Profits matter. Once again, something that was really for the urban crowd was taken into the suburbs and subsequently destroyed. Stripped of all of its meaning and replaced with "swag". Uneducated rappers making songs for uneducated "fans". The radio is filled with garbage. The Internet is filled with garbage. Sad really.

  • Rap is Dead

    Modern music especially hip hop only voice about sex and mainly money, sadly exploiting women but to no end women nowadays seems to have no self respect. Bad Girls, Love and Hip Hop proves chivalry is dead but more to the point rap has lost it's identity to ignorance -T

  • Maybe a majority, but not all.

    Lots of hip-hop is about partying and having a good time, like Nicki Minaj and Lil Jon. Eminem and Nas rap about real-life experiences and dealing with it in different ways. Jay-Z and Kanye frequently rap about political struggles, particularly racial ones. I'm using the most basic hip-hop artists, too. If they don't just rap about money, power, sex and weed, then especially not everyone does.

  • I get what you're thinking but...

    There's a fine line between pop/rap and hip hop... Hip hop is pure and most people can't even recognize what actual hip hop is. It's not commercial and doesn't talk about those things... I get if you're talking about pop or commercialized rappers then yes they're as pointless and unoriginal as can be and doesn't deserve any recognition, but the a lot of people can't think for themselves and they just listen to what they hear. They don't care to dig in. Pop rap is terrible and generic but hip hop is real and is based of jazz and soul

  • No more than country is about about adultery, spousal abuse, and murder.

    It is dumb to criticize an entire artistic genre based on dumb@ss stereotypes. I used to think all heavy metal was bad then I listened to The Highlander by Lost Horizon, and I loved it. Why close your mind to music you might like. You do not have to enjoy all music, but to write off an entire genre is dumb.

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