Is Hitler or any Fascist, but especially Hitler, really the most evil being known to man?

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  • Genocide of Innocents Was Horrible

    Adolf Hitler was one of the worst human beings on the planet and it took armies of millions of people to bring him down. Hitler's genocide of 6 million Jews was the most despicable acts one man can undertake. Hitler must have been a very angry boy who was misguided and upset about how he and his countrymen were treated between World War I and World War II. People like Hitler, so full of hate and anger, still live on today. Mass shooters are just as bad as Hitler, just on a smaller scale.

  • Stalin , anyone?

    Hitler is widely considered the worst person to ever live. He was terrible- he started WWII, killed 8 million people, and left Europe in ruins. But Joseph Stalin is believed to have killed about 20 million people, including a mass starvation of Ukrainians. I think the reason people don't here about Stalin as much as Hitler is the fact that Stalin helped the Allies later in WWII, and during that time people didn't criticize him because he was helping. Not to mention that the USER covered up Stalin's crimes for years, and today we're still not sure if we have the right information.

  • No, there has been far worse you don't learn about in history class.

    Nationali Socialism helped turn Germany's economy around virtually overnight. Stalin is responsible for the deaths of over 60 million people. Communism around the globe is responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people. The Holodomor, which was orchestrated by Stalin, killed 10 million Ukranians, mostly due to starvation. The Allies durring World War 2 specifically stated they were doing a campaign of terror against Germany, and ended up firebombing countless civilians. Overall, the people of Germany were supportive of the Third Reich. The people suffered brutally under Communism, and far more have died from it.

  • Stalin, Pol Pot, Pinochet, and many more

    There are many people that can be named that were worse than Hitler. Hitler actually did many good things for Germany such as creating a large social welfare program for Nazi Germany and rebuilding the German economy. Hitler had regard for most of the lives of his people, Stalin did not have that. Stalin killed many people and sent many dissenters to Gulags which were essentially concentration camps. Under the Holomodor which was a time of starving in the Ukraine (Which was under Stalin's control) that has been labeled as genocide killed between 2.5-7.5 people alone.

    Pol Pot was the dictator of Cambodia who killed approximately 25% of his country's population. His infamous killing fields were the graves and execution sites of intellectuals and dissenters. Pol Pot did not kill those of religion but simply because of their intellectual level.

    Other People: Mao Zedong (China), Augusto Pinochet (Chile), Idi Amin (Uganda), Joseph McCarthy (American Senator)

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