• There have been other evil people, but never that killed so many innocent people.

    Hitler was an evil man. He killed children, adults, seniors, all because they were Jewish, and the cruelty they suffered and over 6 million deaths, that’s too many people. Thus he is the most evil person ever. I cannot find another example that disagrees with this statement and unless someone else can I will not disagree.

  • I would say in the top five

    He isn't the worst man alive
    but he is close
    he killed millions, not only jews but also homosexuals and blacks
    thus he is racist
    One reason no one has mentioned yet is the history behind his actions
    1. Germany was in the middle of a depression
    2. Germany needed patriotism and guidance
    3. They also desired a community

    Hitler manipulated the country by enforcing Nazism onto others and convincing them that it was nazism that is the truth and how Jewish and other "dirty" races are to blame.
    He furthered his power by "cleaning up" the country otherwise directs us to the holocaust.
    If the holocaust hadn't occurred we wouldn't have had the vocabulary word Genocide.
    Yes, the Armenian genocide did happen and i fully acknowledge its unfortunate events however the word was only created after ww2

  • Hitler was a threat to humanity.

    Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin all disagreed on the definition of democracy, but all of them agreed that Hitler was a threat to European peace and therefore a threat to humanity because he wanted to impose his will on Europe and destroy all Jews and make Slavic peoples, including Russians, servants of the Aryan master race.

  • There has been greater evil than Hitler.

    Stalin is one, for example. He killed twice as many people as Hitler. Hitler targeted people he hated, whereas Stalin targeted anyone, even his wife and son were victims. Stalin also sent people to concentration camps and much more oppressive rule.

    Ever heard of Mao, the Communist ruler of China?
    Between the years of 1958 to 1961, which was also known as the Great Leap Forward, Mao wanted a cultural revolution which led to the starvation and consequently deaths of 45 million people. Between the end of this terrible event and Mao's death in 1976, 15 million more would be killed under his totalitarian rule.

  • Hitler may have been evil, but he wasn't the worst

    Hitler was merely following a vision of his, a delusion caused by the massive cultural changes that were ruining German culture. Although he chose to solve that problem by inciting the zeal of all of Germany, his actions were not necessarily the worst in history. Genghis Khan, for example, raped and pillaged millions just for the fun of it. At least Hitler had a reason for his actions.

  • Hitler is not the most evil man ever.

    Hitler is not the most evil man ever. Even though the things that he did were some of the most evil things in history, there are arguably more evil people, even from that particular time period. Josef Stalin killed millions more of his own people, and he did not even care what religion they were.

  • North korea is alot more evil

    In North Korea many people people are dragged off to prisons and killed all because they want some freedom. The citizens in North Korea also have no rights what so ever so after researching other people apart from hitler you can say what you think. 1 1 1 1 1

  • Donald Trump would be far more evil than Hitler...

    Trump may be the most evil criminal in the history of mankind. He is flawed from the start whereas Hitler had a plan when he was appointed by Von Hindenburg in 1932. Trump is inferior to Hitler in intelligence, and to compare Donald Trump to Hitler is to belittle Hitler. In fact, some studies show that Trump has the mental capacities of an imbecile or moron. Trump is the absolute worst piece of scum alive. Again, only the lack of absolute power prevents Trump from being mania of all time on Earth.

  • Hitler isn't the most evil man known to History- the Chinese emperors were a lot more brutal

    Hitler wasn't the most evil man history has seen the Chinese empress Wu ordered the murder, torture and suicide of a lot more people than Hitler did. Qin Shi Huang also another Chinese emperor through his brutal and paranoid ways he killed around 1 million people and made over 120,000 families live in poverty.

  • He was EVIL, but not that evil.

    I am Jewish, and I really hate Hitler for the execution of 6 million Jews, but... Other countries were more evil than Hitler, for example Soviet Union, current NK, etc. He led Germany into power and out of poverty, he was evil, but he had reasons and he wasn't the most evil man ever

  • No He is Not

    You may think me crazy, but, stalin was worse than Hitler, and current research shows that the Holocaust may not have even happened. The caretakers of Auschwitz have admitted, on and off camera, that the gas chambers were not gas chambers, but rooms, and were renovated under the orders of stalin, and the chimney isn't even connected to the 'crematorium.' ( and FYI the chimney was also built under Stalin's direct orders) Just wanted to put my opinion out there. Comment if you want, but if you gonna hate, go ahead, I have my beliefs and I'll let you have yours.

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