• Yes, based off its deliberateness

    To answer this, more information is required about how the events are judged. Hitler's genocide probably led to fewer deaths, but it targeted a specific group of people based only on their religious beliefs. The Ukrainian genocide was not so specifically targeted and thus in my opinion it was not as bad as Hitler's holocaust.

  • I Believe So

    The Holodomor genocide was tragic and very similar to Hitler's persecution of the Jews, however historians are really unsure of the total death tolls. In a general opinion, they are thought to be less than those during the Holocaust. Since Hitler's genocide was further spread, I think it is worse.

  • Hitler's persecution of the Jews was not worse than the Holodomor genocide.

    Hitler's persecution of the Jews was not worse than the Holodomor genocide. They were both pretty bad and they ended up killing mass amounts of people. Hitler would kill the Jews for no reason at all except that he thought they were going against him. Hitler was a very evil man.

  • No better or worse

    I do not think that Adolf Hitler's persecution of the Jews was worse than the Holodomor genocide. Genocide is genocide. Neither is better nor worse than the other. It is not okay to kill people or a particular race of people. Same goes for the European's treatment of the Native Americans. Hitler is notorious for being the worst but really they are all bad.

  • Genocide is a tragedy regardless of circumstances

    Attempting to rank genocides goes into dangerous territory. The murder of millions of people is terrible and it is unfair to the victims to compare one tragedy to the next. We as a species need to pay close attention to any act of genocide to ensure that we never have a repeat occurrance.

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