• Lack of awareness and concern

    Following the HIV epidemic of the mid and late 1980s, public consciousness of the disease was high, and people took additional precautions to protect themselves from exposure. In recent years, HIV has been less of a public concern, and a new generation of young adults has mentally relegated the virus to a relic of the past. It also doesn't help that casual sex is becoming more accepted and commonplace, which increases spread of the disease.

  • People Becoming More Complacent About HIV

    With HIV treatments becoming more and more effective, people are beginning to view the disease as eradicated or non-life-threatening. This is leading to a lax attitude about HIV and resulting in a large number of people neglecting to take the proper steps to protect themselves from it. We should all remember to practice safe sex with untested partners.

  • People are still taking the risk

    This disease is even more common than before and their is the lack of Sexual health Education and more on pregnancy as if it wasn't happening around the US.More people are willing to risk the chance of contracting HIV as if it's non-threatening but in actual reality: it's a impair to the Human Immune system.May hope one day we can cure HIV and other minor diseases and focus the financial aid of Science and medicine.

  • Owing To Poor Sexual Health Education and Commonality HIV Is On The Rise.

    Two factors are playing into the rise of HIV as a STD: First is the perceived commonality of the disease. It no longer shocks us or scares us when we learn someone is infected with HIV. It's so common, that's treated as a common STD. Second is the lack of Sexual Health Education. In particular in the areas of disease transmission and prevention. So much time is spent in Sex Ed. class on pregnancy prevention, that little--if any--is given over to the prevention of the spread of STDs.

  • I don't think so

    HIV has always been a horrible disease. I don't think it's becoming anymore rampant than it has been. It just happens to be getting major publicity again. Advanced nations need to do a much better job addressing the HIV issue. We need to do more for prevention and to further research into HIV.

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