• Much more skill needed

    Hockey is harder. It requires several skills that may give a average man a heart attack. It requires strenght, skill , stamina, agility, hand-eye co-ordination, flexibility, and ofcourse, intelligence. Soccer requires these skills, but does not always use them. I've watched fifa and seen players stop while someone else has possesion.

  • Hockey is better than football every day and hour

    People think hockey is better than football fact it is true my friend think it is true and I do 2 it is the best sport in the world it is the best ever way better than football . Football is so boring that people want to end the race of football for all and all.

  • I'm a hockey player

    Hockey is a faster game, way better then football, hockey players are tougher, Paul Martin broke his leg during the regular season, he finished his shift and didn't realize his leg was broken until he stood up for his next shift and felt the bone move in his leg. If a football player were to break a leg they would be laying there on the field till someone carried them off. Hockey is also a continues game with much less stops then football, it also takes more skill and strength to play.

  • The non-stop action

    Hockey is a great sport that doesn't stop every five seconds because the ball fell. It doesn't have a big-ass field where you can't see were is what, were the plays take forever and the points are more than one per goal. Hockey is a though sport for though people who hustle so hard they are dripping wet after the first shift.

  • NEVER compare hockey to soccer

    Hockey was rated ahead of football as the second hardest sport to play behind boxing. Although many hockey players take boxing lessons because they can actually fight in their sport. With the speed on skates high school level hockey can generate the same force as professional level football. There's more action and hockey and more skill.

  • More Skill Involved

    Unlike hockey, football does not require the skill, precision, stamina, and balance like hockey does. Although people think it almost the same sport because of people tackling each other, hockey requires more finesse and thinking, and accuracy. Shooting with in hockey is much like shooting a gun but harder. I have played both sports and skating on ice, controlling a puck, watching out for guys checking you, passing accurately, and shooting in the goal it a lot harder and more thrilling than dodging catching running into a area and scoring. Conclusion is that hockey is better. But that's just my opinion.

  • It just is

    Once upon a time there was a game called hockey that was better than football because football sucks monkey n@ds. It takes 3 and a half hours to play 60 minutes of football which is only 11 minutes of play. 95% of the time is spent hanging around slapping each others a $$ es and doing frUck all. Hockey is fast paced and far more exciting that football. Plus most of the announcers and commentators for football sound like they had a bag of bricks dropped on their heads repeatedly.

  • Theres less injuries

    In hockey there are head injuries and concussions. In hockey theres alot more than just walking into a goal. In hockey you actually have to work hard just to move. Footballs so eaasy all you have to do is walk and run into people. In hockey you have to learn how to skate and how to shoot the puck. That is why i think that hockey is a better sport than football

  • Yes, it is safer.

    Yes, hockey is better than football, because the injury rate in hockey is lower than it is in football. In football, there are a great deal of head injuries. Also, in hockey, a person has to be able to play both offense and defense. That is not necessarily the case in football.

  • Obviously better then football

    There is non-stop action in hockey compared to football in which the average amount of playing time per game is 11 minutes because the clock runs after a player is tackled. Everything is played on a 1/8 inch blade of metal in hockey making each deke, check or play that much harder and more amazing to pull off. In general, hockey players don't have very large egos and are a lot tougher. Many football players can't pay for weeks because of toe turf while hockey players have returned to games after taking 100 mph slap shots to the face. No position in football can compare to the awesomeness of goaltending. Zambonis > Lawn mowers. In hockey, you are allowed to fight. In an nhl season, there are 82 games plus at least sixteen playoff games to win a cup, compared to the nfl's 17 games with 3-4 games for a superbowl win. Lastly, hockey has the Stanley Cup which is much better than the lombardi trophy. Therefore, hockey > football

  • Hockey is Not Better

    Hockey is not better than football. Suggesting this makes one sound ridiculous. Football is much more popular in the states and the NFL as a league is second to none. They are doing a whole lot better than the NHL is doing right now. Everyone watches the Super Bowl and nobody watched the Stanley Cup.

  • Football requires a brain

    In football you need to be able to have a plan when entering a game, whereas in hockey you're just showing up and don't even have a plan going in. Not to mention there is a pretty awesome point system in Football and its still getting revised! The
    NFL is always coming up with a way to make it more interesting for the fans. You can only score one point at a time in hockey and thats bs.

  • No it's not

    Football is a better and more physically and mentally demanding sport. No offense to hockey players, but you do not need any mental ability to play hockey. It's kind of obvious that you have to skate around people and shoot at the net, but anybody could do that. In football, you have to find out the play, remind yourself what that play does, execute the play, and do it over and over again. Also, while hockey is very physically demanding, I believe football beats it by a very small bit. In hockey, you need to have a lot of endurance, and you need to be able to use your hands. In football, you have the exact same requirements, along with extreme amounts of strength and skill with your feet and hands. With all I've said, I have nothing against hockey. It is a fun sport and I believe it is very tough. But for now, football is harder. I have played both sports and I honestly can't say that football is easier

  • In hockey season, when is there not a game on?

    There are so many games in a hockey season it sucks the life right out of watching them. A hockey team can lose 30 games and still be able to go to the play offs. In football every game is important and is worth watching. As far as which league is tougher, if the NFL played as many games as the NHL there would be deaths on the field.

  • Football is boring

    I think its boring . 24 seconds between plays. 3 time outs. Huddle up call a play, run, get tackled go back to the huddle. Not to mention the showboating after a sack or a tackle or if you get a 1st down. These guys act like they've never done that before. Barry Sanders and Walter Payton were class acts.

  • Hockey is terrible

    Football, is a team sport, there's more than just a goalie and guy who controls the puck, there's more scoring, less ties, you only get one shot at winning in playoffs, people actually know more than 4 teams, its a heart and brother sport, there's contact every play,amazing highlights, coaches actually coach, hockey gets super boring with so many games, you can access actually see the ball, more players and perrsonell, a real defense, kicking, blocking, throwing, running, tackling, catching, and moving up field,isn't always back and forth. GO FOOTBALL!

  • Are you serious?

    Football is not only the game of team chemistry and collaboration but a sport where strength, speed, stamina, and physical dominance comes into affect. Although you may argue that the average game has 11 minutes of play, within that fraction of time, there is not one person getting hit. Arguing that football is merely a sport of weak attitude and arrogance is only a criticism coming from a cocky, selfish personal mindset within itself. The need of physical strength far outweighs that of a hockey player in respect to the actual necessity of strength. Zamboni's or lawn mowers? Saying that football is a sport played out of generation passing arrogance is only but a ignorant remark, unable to be backed up with any information. To say that an NHL hockey player is stronger than that of a NFL player only shows that you are of a lesser being, blinded by your own self esteem.

  • Hard to say because it is a personal opinion.

    I am a fan of both sports. However, Hockey is a sport that lacks a fanbase in the southern parts of the United States, of which Football does not. Football is a lot easier to follow because of games being mainly on Sundays, which Hockey has games randomly on any days of the week. Personally, I prefer football a tad more than hockey, but do follow both sports.

  • Football is safer for players

    Football is by far better than hockey. Yes, in hockey you get to see a lot more hard hits and fights where as the NFL you are getting less and less of that as they crack down on this sort of thing. But the big difference is there seems to be more built up in the excitement of football than there is in hockey.

  • No, Hockey Is A Lot Like Soccer

    Hockey is a low scoring sport with a lot of collisions. While it offers a high pace to follow, it lacks the set plays, intrigue, and over all strategy the football has to offer. Football is much more statistical, and the games leave much more to chew on with armchair analysis.

    Posted by: rpr

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