• It is definitely the most demanding.

    Nobody other than football players can take on one of the guys who play hockey. But football players don't skate. Hockey players are some of the most athletic people to walk the earth these days with the exception of the goalie. Just like other vigorous sports, in hockey you are always moving (skating).

  • Complete body fitness

    Hockey requires active engagement of all of the body while performing wind sprints multiple times with brief rest intervals. Use of the upper body requires much more energy than just lower body. Physical contact also requires more energy than non-contact (disregarding injury embellishment).
    N. B. The energy required to stop after sprinting at skating speed is much higher than the energy required to stop running.
    Lastly, Skating is an "unnatural" movement, As is stick handling, That must be learned to execute effectively. All of which relates to energy and muscle demands.

  • Hockey is Demanding

    Although I am 14, I play hockey at a competitive level and I had to quit other sports to keep up my hockey workouts. And to say ballet is more demanding, I do not know what you are on. The workouts you do are very taxing and just like football, which I did play, you have to get the puck away from the player at all cost. As a defensemen, you need tremendous strength and my workouts are very intense. In football and baseball, you see lots of overweight players. In hockey, all the guys are cut and muscled for a reason. There is no such thing as an overweight hockey player because it requires so much endurance and strength. In sports like running, plenty of kids in my school are overweight and they do it because it is not a cut sport. All the kids at my school who play hockey are among the most athletic people there.

  • Hockey is the most physically demanding of all

    If you're gonna play hockey, the first and most important thing you must learn to do is skate. Skating on ice is extremely challenging because you're standing on thin blades on a slippery surface. You must maintain a good balance. Also skating backwards and stopping at the right time is difficult as well. You must be physically strong enough to handle the body checks and knocking. The hits in hockey are proven to be harder than football hits because players are coming at you at high speeds due to the skating. It's like getting hit by a vehicle. And when you fall, it's hurts more because it's on ICE. Ice is cold, hard, and slippery, while grass is softer.

  • Because of the way its played

    First off you must know how to skate which is something you are not born knowing. Secondly The injures sustained in hockey are wide in its range from broken hands to dislocated shoulders. Another factor of this is the frequency to receive these injures is consistent to the position the player plays as. Although I think that maybe the question should be more detailed like if maybe you goal based sports then yes it is the most demanding.

  • Hockey is the most physically demanding sport

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  • Hockey is the most physically demanding sport

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  • Hockey is the most physically demanding sport.

    The aspect of hockey that makes me think it is the most physically demanding sport is the fact that nearly 100% of time on the ice is spent using nearly 100% energy output. I recognize that players spend more time on the bench than on the ice, but I can't imagine sprinting for a minute, resting for two minutes, sprinting for a minute, resting for two minutes, and repeating that for an entire game. Furthermore, players are involved in two, three, or even four games a week. That provides very little turnaround time to prepare your body for the next game.

  • Hockey is definitely more demanding

    As a non-hockey player, I am coming from a completely unbiased stand point, and I can definitely say that hockey is way more demanding than any other sport. Unlike other sports, where players get long rest periods between games or series, hockey players get at max a one day rest and often none at all. They endure the same if not harder hits and gruesome injuries and broken bones. Hockey is quite obviously the most demanding sport.

  • It is the most physically demanding sport.

    Hockey is the most physically demanding sport around, and here is why.

    You must be a descent skater to play pro hockey or any high level of hockey. That means you need to have endurance, power, and great balance. That is on top of having the ability to have good reaction times because you are traveling at pretty high speeds with other players doing the same trying to take you out of the play (hitting) when you have the puck. If youre a goalie, you need to be able to react to shots that reach up to 105 mph. You are in a confined space unlike a large field in football (american, and soccer). You also need to have fast hands and great coordination to handle the puck while skating, and making quick decisions and avoiding hits. It is just as physical as football, and it is just as long as basketball when it comes to the schedule. Your short bursts of energy are tiring and you do this for 3 20 minute periods.

    You also can fight which means if you are en enforcer or a guy who does fight some what often, you need to be able to take a punch and throw them, all while doing this on ice in hockey skates. Some hockey players train in boxing and or mma to be able to fight better.

    While football is physical, the teams only play once a week with a team getting one week as a bye week.

    You do need endurance for soccer and basketball, but the lack the extreme physical aspects of hockey.

    Fighting (mma, boxing). With out a doubt these are the only sports that measure up to hockey when it comes to the physically demanding aspects and being coordinated, but fights are not on a consistent basis.

  • Boxing is the most physically demanding sport.

    In boxing, you use every single muscle all of the time. At the peak of my training BEFORE I even ever had a fight, I was running 3 miles a day and going to the gym for 3 hours. Those 3 hours included bag drills, push ups, sit ups, sparring, etc. Some professional boxers train for 6-8 hours a day for up to 3 months before a fight. All of this and I haven't even mentioned the nutritious and mental side of boxing.

  • No, I don't think it's any more physically demanding than some other sports

    Yes, hockey is physically demanding, but it doesn't seem any more physically demanding than, say, football or soccer or rugby or even dance. In fact, I might argue that ballet is a much more physically demanding sport than hockey--very few athletes could do what those dancers do. So no, I don't think hockey is the most demanding sport.

  • I actually just laughed at this question!

    As a man that eats sleeps and dreams sports I am happy to have found this topic. On the physical part of this sport it is definitely a walk in the park not to sound ignorant but the skates do 70 percent of the job by gliding the players sit more then half the game on the bench or in the box, not enough hustle for me

    on another note, the demand for coaching and players is not much either, I think if your going to get paid that high , shave your damn face and quit spitting all over the place, I have never seen such a spoiled sport,
    all do respect to the hall of famers and captains, although I don't think its in comparison to anything as far as demand and performance

  • Hockey is 'not' the most physically demanding sport.

    Hockey is a very physically demanding sport, however it is not any more demanding than American football. Hockey players probably break their nose and loose a few teeth more often than in other sports, only because of the fights that erupt so often. For an endurance sport, long distance bicycling is probably the most physically demanding.

  • No, hockey is not anymore physically demanding then any other really physically aggressive sport

    Hockey, although very physically demanding and taxing on an individual's body, is no more a physically demanding sport than long distance running, basketball, or soccer. All three sports require a level of physical endurance that is extremely high, as they all require running for long periods of time. Hockey is also no more physically dangerous than football or boxing as those require a great ability to withstand serious pain. So no, hockey is no more physically demanding than any other truly physical sport.

  • It Is Not The Most Physically Demanding

    I think that football is more physically demanding than hockey. If you were to ask a group of people I am confident that they will say that Football is the more physically demanding sport. The object of the game is to stop someone at all costs. You are constant hitting people in football and it takes its toll on the body.

  • Ice hockey is trash

    Football is the most demanding sport over everything and takes the most team work ice hockey is just boring to watch only sometimes hockey is fun but only when there is someone fighting and thats it might as well watch boxing or MMA those are way better than watching hockey

  • It really isn't...

    While i will admit it is extremely demanding, there are plenty of sports that are harder. Wrestling (All 3 types), Rugby, Waterpolo, Boxing, MMA, there are so many sports that make Hockey look like child's play. Now i'm not trying to disrespect Hockey, its still a difficult sport. It's just not on the same level of some of the other sports i just mentioned.

  • Hockey is the most physically demanding sport

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  • No I do not think so.

    Hockey is very physically demanding, but I would not say it is the top at that. There is many other sports that require just as much if not more physical contact and coordination. Football for one has to prepare the players for getting tackled, rugby looks pretty harsh as well.

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