• Holden is clearly the best

    Holden is and has always been the best. It is pretty much the most Aussie thing you can get other than thongs. You physically cannot get any better than Holden. It has he’s and has the best V8 supercar races in Australia. (Lowndes, Peter Brock, James Courtney). So no matter what you say Holden is by far the best!

  • How is this even a consideration. . .

    Holden is garbage ever since they stopped making them in Australia. Their vehicles experience several oil problems and general unreliability problems. Their customer service has also become lacking. . .
    Even despite all of this, There are just so many other options out there that are beter than Holden. . . By a mile. . .

  • So who's Holden.

    If you visit Oz all people want to know about is kangaroos, Koalas crocodiles, Dingos, Emus, Barbies, Tinnies, Opera houses, Reefs, Didgeridoos, Boomerangs, The outback, Uluru, Billabongs, Waltzing Matildas, Jolly swagmen, Gay parades, Road trains, Sheila, Bruce, John Farnham and spiders.
    But Holden.
    Nope, No one as ever asked about Holden, Or thongs.

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