• Yes because of all their colors an different styles

    Hollister is a nice store to shop at , even though their prices are outrageous our teens still love it. If you shop at hollister an you are a teen some of your friends will think your more cooler an your family can afford more stuff but if you come to school in aeropostale people will tease an pick on you.

  • They're so rude

    They judge people for their sizes and their employees are straight up snobs. I refuse to go in there. They only strain towards really skinny people. If you walk in there and you're not a size 0 then they stare at you. Their customer service is not great either. Hollister is horrible.

  • Stereotypical, Bland, Boring

    Kids buy it for the name. Take off that seagull and it would look like a regular tee. They charge way to much money for cheaply made clothing that rips and tears very easily. Hollister gives kids the idea that if you aren't wearing it then you're not as good as the other kids. The clothes are boring, way to small, and don't fit on different types of body shapes.

  • Not a good store to shop at, hollister.

    It is way too expensive, and the clothes are cheap but the only thing u are paying for is the name brand. The clothes are also too revealing especially when young children shop there. The clothes run too small, or tight for heavy set people. Lastly, the smell of perfume is very strong, the store is way too dark which means a parent can lose their child, and the music is too loud that u cannot hear another person speak.

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