• Hollywood is way better than Bollywood, to be honest there is NO COMPARISON.

    Hollywood makes (generally) awesome movies, and also a great variety of different Genres (EG - War / Sci-Fi / Action / Adventure / Romance / Classics Etc...) Bollywood on the other hand if you have seen 10 movies, you can guarantee you've seen them all. As Bollywood GENERALLY has limited variety and has Dance Scenes while in a car chase or Playing Soccer (which I have never understood). Secondly Hollywood Gets the BEST US Talent and picks ups great actors GLOBALLY from the Far East / Asia / MENA / Africa / Lat-Am and Europe. Bollywood is 99.5% Indian Only.... And lacks that creative/innovative diversity and richness of Hollywood. Even my US Born Indian/Part-Indian laugh when I asked them which is better, there is no comparison for them. Finally Hollywood is Loved the WORLD OVER (not just America), the whole Globe. Bollywood on the other hand is overwhelmingly Indian or Indian Born Indians living int he West.... The Love for Bollywood does not pass on to their US/Western Born kids is great enough quantity. Bollywood is only more "Global" because of the Foreign Born Indians living in the West.

  • Hollywood is better than Bollywood

    HOLLYWOOD showing cool movies when people look this movies they think all real.Hollywood technology is so cool because they are talented people.Bollywood copying Hollywood movies then the picture is flop.They do not show real things and immediately people have become bore.Hollywood showing science fiction movies they feels become real.Hollywood's actors are beautiful and handsome ,talented they know how to hit pictures.This quality of Hollywood I like most.

  • Long way to go

    Even though Bollywood makes the extremely masaledaar ,entertaining movies,Hollywood is way better than Bollywood. The reason being here success,fame,the money etc. are more important than the art of the movies. We are very talented people but if we don't execute it ,WHATS THE POINT.? Even the commercial movies made in Hollywood are better than the one made here. Our industry has had directors like satyajit ray and ritwik ghatak and many more I won't name now and even the present lot is full of talent. Only thing I want from this industry is not only to make commercial movies as they are made but also make good movies with good content and a good script with talented actors and directors. The purpose shouldn't be only to make money but to make a kind of cinematic experience which not only is applauded by the audience but also by the critics . After all a very good movie will certainly make good money.

  • Much Better Than Bollywood

    Bollywood has made and continued to make very entertaining and excellent motion pictures. However, even the tremendous success Bollywood has enjoyed cannot hold a candle to the number of life-changing and epic motion pictures Hollywood has created. From Gone With the Wind, to Braveheart, to Human Centipede, Hollywood has created more lasting hits than Bollywood.

  • Hollywood is way better.

    Its bigger, more diverse and has real original films, not dancing during car chases. Also hollywood spends much more on its films, and therefore will generally get better quality and talent. Hollywood is popular WORLDWIDE, in the West / East / South and North. Bollywood is mainly in South-Asia and the FOREIGN BORN Indian Community in the West. I have quite a few Indian/Mixed Indian friends (US Born) and they rarely watch because they themselves have stated it is crap...

  • Hollywood has freaked out the Bollywood movies

    I am an Indian but instead of supporting Bollywood I will salute the Hollywood Directors like Christopher Nolan, Christopher Smith and there a many others. There are great actors like Leonardo di Caprio, Brad Pitt and movies like Inception, Shutter Island, Triangle etc. The Thinking level of Hollywood is much higher than that of Bollywood. Instead Of that Bollywood tends to dump down movies. When we watch Hollywood movies we have to use our brain. Hollywood is great

  • Plot,Story telling,Reality and lots of home work

    A good gripping plot is the spine of a movie. Most Hollywood scripts are well researched. Lots of pre work is needed to write a good story. Connecting with a local group of audience does not mean making simple hero-centred action flicks, but it' s the way how the team inculcates a complex story in simple terms. Hollywood directors have cutting edge technologies at their affordability which makes them achieve this feat of story telling. Reality in scripts is not an essential requirement but it's on the top of my personal search list when see a movie. I find that hollywood dwelves a lot to add some reality in their works.

  • Hollywood better than Bollywood.... Stated a few general reasons and a very specific personal reason....

    Because movies in Hollywood very advanced... The techniques used in films are cutting-edge.... For example Interstellar.... The acting is more natural and closer to real human behaviour..... The stories are innovative..... THey are not afraid to show every aspect of society.... Bollywood sucks because of lack of good scripts..... I like Hollywood , the personal reason being, on a lighter note, actresses do not hesitate to go nude for the movies... They are open to do hot sex scenes., masturbation scenes.... Which are a reality in our 21st century..... While in bollywood even if the actresses want to go topless... The sensor board comes in the way.... After all everybody want to see those beautiful hot bodies... They are a feast to the eyes of the viewers....Hollywood doesnt dissapoint us in these matters..... I jus Love to see those curvy steamy bodies of sexy actresses in Hollywood.... They satisfy our craving needs......

  • Hollywood is much better

    I am an Indian & i can say without doubt hollywood is better. The movies actually make sense & have an original concept. Bollywood, on the other hand is full of ripoffs that teach you that if you start dancing to your own song on the street, anyone you meet will know the steps

  • Hollywood is quite real

    I do not still understand the concept of dancing in bollywood movies, i mean in all the bollywood films it is the same, they are portraying real life of people and suddenly do not know from where music starts and the actors singing and dancing. It's quite dumb and seems to be foolish.

  • Hollywood actually knows what they're doing

    Bollywood just throws everything in and justifies it as "entertainment".

    Hollywood came from artists trying to tell stories and ask questions, you know, making ART? Obviously, it's turned into more of a financially focused industry but it hasn't lost the artistic aspect.

    Bollywood has zero art value because it's made for purely entertainment purposes, just like modern sports are not art. You should read the "reasons" Bollywood is better, here's a quote

    "Bollywood is way better than that freakin hollywood Because Hollywood is unrealistic, fake, poor actors, unreasonable kissing and all the drama. "

    Nobody in their right mind thinks Bollywood is MORE realistic then Hollywood, that's an idiot talking. And the people who think Bollywood is better.

    Bollywood is a caricature of what non-filmmakers think Hollywood is, without ever seeing a hollywood film. They saw Oklahoma once and decided that's all of Hollywood - did you know Oklahoma isn't even Hollywood? It's broadway. So Bollywood isn't even labeled properly, they are copying broadway.

  • Bollywood is Better

    Bollywood has music and dances which is the foundation of entertainment. When there's no entertainment then what is the purpose of wasting your time watch a movie. Bollywood includes both actions and music, while hollywood only focuses on actions. Bollywood you can relate but Hollywood you can not relate in any way.

  • Duh... Of course Bollywood is better

    Why would u even compare Bollywood and Hollywood. Bollywood is like the center of entertainment worldwide. India really proved itself with their movie Dangal. Why do I have to write so much to just prove something that everyone knows. Bollywood is the best! I have wrote a lot of words....

  • Duh... Of course Bollywood is better

    Why would u even compare Bollywood and Hollywood. Bollywood is like the center of entertainment worldwide. India really proved itself with their movie Dangal. Why do I have to write so much to just prove something that everyone knows. Bollywood is the best! I have wrote a lot of words....

  • I am Hispanic And I think Bollywood is much more better than Hollywood

    First of all all em Hollywood movies be contain too much wrong things and plus there isn't action in da movie and the way they put the romance.. NO jus Stop like -_-
    Bollywood is jus wayy better they have much more actions and the way Bollywood puts romance is better cuz like they r speaking true things. Some movies even help other ppl learn about things such as respect or LOVE!!

  • Bollywood is better

    Bollywood is better because in Hollywood the movies are just unreal and they always show action movies like avengers and etc. In these types of movies , especially the characters like captain America and others have supernatural powers which a human can't have ,for me this all is just a drama not a real life inspiration , but in Bollywood the movies are based on the sentimental units of a human and they also help humans to cope up with their situation and lead a useful life onwards.But on the other side Hollywood just entertain us ,NOTHING MORE!!!

  • Bollywood all the way

    Point 1: The actors and actresses
    Some people believe Bollywood actresses aren't that beautiful. STOP THERE. Search up Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif the tell me. The actors are also very handsome, search Hrithik Roshan, Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan and Fawad Khan. THEY ARE ALL BETTER LOOKING THAN HOLLYWOOD

    Point 2: Acting skills
    You think Hollywood actors are better than Bollywoods? No, No. Bollywood stars turn down Hollywood films. Aishwarya Rai turned Troy which she could've starred with Brad Pitt. Ronit Roy turned down the role in the Oscar Winning film, Zero Dark Thirty. One of the Queens of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone turned down Fast and Furious 7. Priyanka Chopra turned down the award winning film, Immortals. THEY WERE ALL FIRST CHOICES, BEFORE HOLLYWOOD.

    Just thats enough

  • Bollywood is 100% better

    First off all, movies are made for enjoyment. Not to look at the tiny details of everything and made every bit realistic. If you want realistic go watch a documentary or something. Bollywood movies are just pure entertainment. There are amazing songs and Bollywood actors have way more talent, because they are able to not only act but dance beautifully as well. Hollywood comedy is all sexual crap. There are exceptional movies in Hollywood like Inception, Gravity, etc. but most movies just aren't entertaining. Plus, they are only 1-2 hours while Bollywood movies are 3-4 hours. Also, the indian film industry is not just Bollywood. There is Malayalam, Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Gujrati, and so many more film industries within India. That is what makes us so good, there is so much diversity in Indian films. Even when you watch the different languages of Indian movies you will see how different each one is. There is a lot of variety. So I rest my case, Bollywood and the general film industry of India is better that boring Hollywood.

  • Bollywood is always better!

    I am saying that because, I have watched so many Bollywood movies and I always think that it is better. Bollywood is more family watchable whereas, Hollywood contains more adult type of movies. Also. There are so friendly actors in Bollywood. So, I will always give Bollywood thumbs up!

    Thank You!

  • Bollywood is way better than that freakin hollywood

    Because Hollywood is unrealistic, fake, poor actors, unreasonable kissing and all the drama. Bollywood is wayyyyyyy better than Hollywood. Bollywood is my life. Bollywood dance is way better than Hollywood. Bollywood actors are shirt less so people can see their Abs and their actors are so handsome, if you compare Bollywood with that freakin Hollywood, Bollywood is way better.

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