• Depends on whether you were gassed or sent to work, but for the most part, it was worse.

    If I had to choose between being gassed or becoming a slave, I would rather be gassed even though it was a slow death. However, I would rather be a slave if I wasn't, since both took away your freedom, but the conditions were much worse in the camps and at least the slave owners made sure you lived, unlike the Holocaust. Overall, the Holocaust was worse. ~ Hadi

  • Prisoners of holocaust were being treated like animals in slaugtherhouse.This is why i find germans are very cruel human being.

    The purpose of holocaust and slavery is very different. Mainly the goal of holocaust is to exterminate all the undesirable people but slavery is just for being use for workforce. Also holocaust killed up tp 15 million people while slave trade only 2.5 million people. No slaves are being put on gas chamber unlike the prisoners of holocaust who are being put to death on gas chamber everyday. Holocaust is comparable to animals being slaughtered in slaughterhouse.

  • There is nothing to be compared between holocaust and slavery. It's totally two different thing. Yeah blame on germans for their cruelty.

    I am just going to say similar to stephannoi's opinion. You can't simply to compare to holocaust to slavery. The definition of between these two terms are also different. Holocaust is simply a synonym for genocide while slavery isn't. Also you must remember that not all slave owners are bad and not all slavs are being badly maltreated. There were also good slave owners who treat their slaves fairly. While in holocaust there were no fairness of justice. All those people who are being send to their are meant to be killed.

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