Is home-schooling a better option for physically or mentally handicapped students?

  • Concentration is key to success.

    Children who are mentally and physically enable should be able to get an education at their home without any distractions surrounding them or having someone judge because I know for a fact many kids lack their confidence when being bullied at school. This allows them to not fear that and its important for that individual.

  • Shape their own personalities.

    The schools of today press children into a media mold, the children form their personalities on what others think of them, how they dress, how they speak, what new technology they have, how they look. With homeschooling children don't get bullied into a media mold, they are free to be who and what they want.

  • The Parents Have to Make This Decision

    In some cases homeschooling may be best. It may be the best way to educate the kid. Especially if the school environment is just too much and is interfering with the student's learning. This is up to the parents obviously. In some cases kids without disabilities are better off being homeschooled.

  • It is easier to concentrate.

    Most students, once they get to higher grades, pass notes and a lot of classes have a class clown. The class clown always says some rude or inappropriate remark that is not needed. Homeschooling also helps parents be closer to their kids and they wont have to worry about them walking home or being on the bus with other kids who are allowed to make dirty remarks or say inappropriate words.

  • Yes, because it is probably less disruptive.

    I feel that it would probably not only benefit the physically or mentally handicapped student, it would probably benefit the other children. The reason why I say this is because it probably would pose less of a distraction for everyone involved. Also, I think it would probably cost the school system more money, because they would probably have to hire and employ a specialist.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • I think home-schooling is a better option for special needs students, because it provides them with more one-on-one attention.

    Research has shown that students do better with individualized education, and homeschooling provides this much better than a public or even private school can. Parents can choose the curriculum that suits the needs of the students best, and give extra time to subjects that need it. In a classroom setting, because of the demands upon the teacher from other students and mandated curriculum, this is just not possible. One caveat would be that the parents would need to be able and willing to do this, because home-schooling is only a better choice if the parents are enthusiastic, regardless of the needs of the child.

    Posted by: YWaters
  • No, I do not agree that home-schooling is better for physically or mentally challenged students, because it robs them of needed social interaction.

    I feel that if a physically or mentally handicapped child is home-schooled they would miss out on so much. These children are going to have a harder time in life, period. But if they are sheltered during their childhood, I feel that they have an even worse chance for a successful life as an adult. A disabled child will learn to deal with others in a school setting. I have a 13-year old physically handicapped son who is in the 7th grade. We have thrown around the idea of home-schooling when times have gotten really tough for him, but he has always chosen to stay in school. He'd rather deal with harassment then lose the social interactions that he has.

    Posted by: KerbyLuv
  • Home-schooling can be a good option for physically or mentally handicapped students because it can allow students whose needs aren't being met to receive a good education.

    This, of course, depends on the capabilities of the parent as a teacher and on the school's ability to provide appropriate services to students with disabilities. In many cases, the school district will be more than able to accommodate special needs of students, as it is required to by law. However, in some cases, a student may have so many or such particular challenges that one on one learning is more effective. In these cases, home-schooling might be a viable option, particularly if a parent is very skilled and a good educator.

    Posted by: NoIanP4P3r
  • Home-schooling is better for handicapped students because they can get personalized care.

    Schools these days are in poor shape and many cannot provide proper care, support and education for their students, especially handicapped ones. They need more care and attention and special requirements that most schools do not have the resources to provide. Handicapped students that are home-schooled can be cared and educated by a person or people that know and and love them and can fit their needs accordingly.
    They have a better advantage at home than at a school with lack of resources.

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • Parents have a right to choose their child's education, within reason.

    Parents have a right to provide their child's education through homeschooling as long as the education allows the child to do well on standardized tests administered at public schools.

    Posted by: EmmeAnguris
  • Parents Don't Have the Qualifications

    Unfortunately, when a child has a disability, love isn't enough to give them the education they need and deserve. There are teachers in schools specifically educated to deal with these sorts of things, and they'll give a handicapped child the best education they have to ensure that they can live as full of a life as possible. In my opinion, it's almost cruel to keep a handicapped child at home. You're not allowing them to flourish to the best of their ability.

  • The Social life and education is different

    The thing about being home schooled is that you don't have person or friends to talk to while in school and when it comes to the education part is that you have the same learning experience and the work is different being taught to by yourself so it is the weirdest thing to have only parents and the siblings in the house or sometimes by yourself!!!!!!!!

  • The social experience

    The social experience that special needs kids is an important thing seeing as for some of them they only get the time in school to be part of the social scene and for most, services stop after high school. While public school may not be the best environment due to the activity of other children around them who swear and do inappropriate things, the special education teacher does what they can to control that and keep them away from that. Special needs kids help the other nondisabled kids at their school too and teach them lessons and vice versa. Public school for most special needs kids are the highlight of their life and is enjoyable for most.

  • No, because we need to be in a socially active environment.

    Being a physically handicapped person myself, I think we need an active environment to socially function, with a helper or not. Although homeschooling might be better for a personal situation, in general homeschooling for those who don't get out much will damage their future because they don't get much exposure to how the world outside family works. I think they need to be able to function without Mom or Dad to help, and to be able to cope with how others who are not familiar with them treat them.

  • I think they have a right to a normal education, just as any other child.

    I think they have a right to an education, just as any other student, as long as they have the accredited teachers to teach them. I don't think it would be right to mainstream someone with special needs, if the teacher is not prepared properly. That would just cause more problems.

    Posted by: RichDarron
  • Taking any child out of a school where there are other children is detrimental to any student's development.

    Sending a student to a school does far more than educate them on things they will need to know. It also teaches them good values, such as teamwork. However, mentally handicapped students can be problematic in schools, depending on their mental inabilities. So, this topic is just short of an unfair question, as it doesn't specify just how handicapped the students are. If it is something as simple as ADHD, then they should stay in school. If it is something far more serious, like some form of cerebral palsy, then schooling may be a waste of time.

    Posted by: KindErik
  • I think there are disadvantages to home-schooling handicapped students, such as the lack of social interaction.

    While I do think home-schooling would allow parents to better cater to their handicapped children's needs, I also feel that those children would lose some valuable secondary benefits of regular schooling, like the challenge of competing with other children, as well as the opportunity to interact and socialize with them.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Children with special needs should be integrated into public schools right along side their peers, and should never be isolated or kept behind closed doors, because they deserve the right to interact with their peers.

    As a special educator, I have seen children in the public school system with all kinds of disabilities. And, with each case, I believe the child was better off being around other kids, his/her own age. Even if the student with the disability isn't able to perform academically at the same level of his/her peers, that child deserves the same right to socialize and interact with other children of the same age group. School is not just about learning ABC's and 123's. It's about learning how to be a human being, and how to exist in a world with other human beings. Everyone deserves that right.

    Posted by: VagueWiley89
  • No, because children should be taught from an early age that, just because they are disabled, it doesn't mean they're very different from their peers.

    Putting disabled children into home-schooling will prevent them from developing social relations with their peers. Furthermore, it will make them think they are different, and better or worse, than kids without disabilities. We want children to believe that, even if they have a disability, they are just as much deserving as children without disabilities. Developing social relationships with other children can only be beneficial.

    Posted by: 4uncLife
  • Home-schooling may be a better option for some handicapped students, but most handicapped students would benefit from a normal education because it is a less restrictive environment.

    I believe that although home-schooling may be an appropriate option for some handicapped students, most handicapped students would benefit from being in a normal educational setting depending on the extent of their handicap. It is wrong to state that a child should be home-schooled simply because he or she is handicapped. Children with handicaps deserve the opportunity to interact with other handicapped and non-handicapped peers in the less restrictive setting of public education in a public school if it is determined that this type of educational setting is best for that specific child.

    Posted by: w00dwitch

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