• Home Schooling Is Dangerous

    Home schooling a child can be dangerous and harmful in several ways. For example, when a child doesn't get to attend a real public or private school. he or she is unable to meet many people. When a child attends schools, there are many events to attend and people to learn. It is necessary to learn this skills while attending a school.

  • From someone who was partially home-schooled

    I apologise! Most of this will be anecdotal evidence! When I was about 10, my parents gave me the choice whether I wanted to be home-schooled or not. I gave them a list of pros and cons for and against, and for me on an individual level, it turned out the pros highly outweighed the cons. I had already been to private schools in Kentucky and California by that point and I felt that homeschooling was right for me. I gained social skills through fencing, harp and piano lessons. I ended up graduating at 16 and I finished my Bachelor's degree when I was 18, and my first Master's degree was finished at 19. For me, it was the best decision of my life. I had the motivation at the time to do it. (Where has it all gone?!) Anyway! For some kids it would mean that they have opportunities that no one else gets. For other kids, it can be difficult to really concentrate and motivate themselves to do the lessons.

  • It is parenting.

    No, home schooling by the family is not harmful to kids, because it gives the children a chance to learn from their parents. Children who are homeschooled, if the parents actually do the schooling, have a great opportunity to be close to their parents, and to be a connected family unit.

  • No,home schooling by the familky is not harmful to kids.

    No,home schooling is not generally harmful to children.It may actually offer a way for students that have learning differences to absorb material more efficiently.This is due to students being able to get more personal attention and design lesson plans that are more individualized and actually quite helpful to the average student.

  • No not for all

    When it comes to the issue of home schooling by that of parents it is not necessarily harmful to that of their children. Some may argue that indeed this is in fact a good thing for parents to do. However, others will argue that home schooling is not a good thing at all and children should be with others.

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