• Home schooling is good for children.

    It encourages children to learn more of what they are interested in instead of the same curriculum being forced onto every child. Many children are not challenged or inspired enough in a public school setting which often focuses only on the children who don't do well. It also allows them to work at their own pace.
    The biggest argument against home schooling is that the child will not be "socialized". While this is true in the case of few parents who home school their children to "protect" them or shelter them from the world, they might not be ready to interact with other children their own age or adults outside of their home. However, there are many ways to be sure your children receives the proper socialization, like extracurricular activities including community sports, dance, gymnastics, etc. There are also often local organizations for homeschoolers that have activities such as field trips and proms.
    I think that any parent that is able to provide a productive environment in which to home school should do so. In home schooled children I know, I've seen that these children have learned how to learn rather than how to take a standardized test, and they love to learn, as well. I do plan on home schooling my children when they are old enough, and we already do many learning and reading activities in our home.

  • Home schooling is good.

    Any kind of schooling is usually good for a child and home schooling can be very good for certain children. It allows children to get attention they may not get in a normal classroom. It also allows the child to work at his or her own pace. The child can also concentrate on different subjects than they can in a regular school.

  • It is hard work for parents

    In school the math is hard but if kids are home school it means parents teach the kid but parents will have troblue because parents learned a different way then kids these days parents might not understand Dow to the math these days it might be more harder in the future

  • No friends around.

    I dont think that this is 100% good for children, because they need friends, but at the same time some friends could distract them, but to a child they are important. I really just wanted to do this so i could have the only NO on this one :D Thanks for reading!

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