Is homeopathy a harmless alternative form of healthcare?

  • Homeopathy a harmless alternative

    Homeopathy can be a harmless alternative to a form of healthcare. I think it is good for some people who like to be medically treated this way and not so good for others who may need more extensive medical care and help from doctors. So it will overall be a personal choice.

  • It lets people try something else.

    Yes, homeopathy is a harmless alternative form of healthcare, because it is nice that other things can help people who are struggling. If a person wants to try aromatherapy, or if they want to change their diet, there is no reason that they should not be able to try other things that might help.

  • No, it's exceptionally harmful.

    No, homeopathy is extremely harmless and should not be practiced by anyone. We all know that it's been refuted some time so I'm surprised this is even up for debate still in today's society! Science is the way to go and science says traditional medicine works. People who practice homeopahy on children, in particular, should go to prison.

  • A Waste Of Money

    I believe homeopathy is a waste of money. These treatments are sold as cures but they don't really do anything for a person, it's a placebo affect. I believe people would benefit from asking their health care providers and doctors about these remedies. Companies offer them only because people are stupid enough to purchase them.

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