Is homeopathy a viable medical practice (yes) or a pseudoscience (no)?

  • Homeopathic Remedies Help Human Body Heal Itself

    The idea behind homeopathy is to help the human body heal itself. Several therapies are designed to stimulate the nervous system, immune system and other bodily functions in order to facilitate self-healing. Although it is hard to prove these methods work, homeopathy is becoming mainstream as more and more doctors ascribe to the practice and earn degrees in homeopathy like any other M.D. If doctors can get degrees in homeopathy, there must be something valid about it.

  • Yes it is very viable

    I think whatever works for people and causes less harm should be used. If homeopathy is found to be effective it should be accepted as a medical practice. People used homeopathy for thousands of years so why she would start ignoring it now. Long term other forms have more potential but all should be considered.

  • Sadly, It a Pseudoscience.

    Just by the math, logic, ethics, history behind it, and common reasoning, it an archaic Pseudoscience. At the time of birth, it was actually a somewhat effective idea (the idea that most diseases and ailments can be cured by medicine in dosaged instead of... Bloodletting for example), and at the time broke new ground and gives us some new medicines; and if had evolved awhile back to better practices, this wouldn't of been the problem it now is. It hasn't.

    While "some" homeopathic drugs may help with "some" stuff, most of the time it doesn't work or if it did the dosage is too low. It also giving fake alternative medicine that more dangerous, more credibility.

    There ARE alternative and natural medicine that can possibility work, and I DO think the body can heal it self; but the field of alternative medicines is overflowing with frauds at this time, Homeopathy being one of them. Anyone looking into alternative medicine should be careful, and should also take normal medicine ordered by doctors just in case.

  • Homeopathy is Pseudoscience

    No, homeopathy is not a viable medical practice. It is a pseudoscience. Homeopathy does not stand up to scientific regimen. In fact, there is a scientific consensus that so called folk remedies do not actually help anything. Indeed, in many cases they actually cause the thing they claim to fix to get worse.

  • It is pseudo

    Homeopathy is a pseudoscience because it has not meant the standards set forth by the scientific method. It is promoted by crackpots and scam artists and is unfortunately a place very desperate people, typically with incurable terminal illnesses, go to get some hope. The people who sell this stuff are disgusting.

  • Homeopathy is a pseudoscience.

    Personally, I believe that homeopathy is a pseudoscience. That is not to say that some of the things might not provide some relief or help. But they simply aren't researched enough in a traditional format (example, studies, peer review, clinical trials, etc.) to prove so. It's possible that some things might work. One drug that began basically as homeopathy and was later deemed to work was aspirin. But homeopathic medicines should be studied more to guarantee they are safe and effective. Likely not many are effective.

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