• Helpful for Many

    Homeschooling can be very beneficial to those with learning disabilities or to those who require special resources to aide their learning. Many argue that home schooled children have no social life, but most children are home schooled in groups, take extra classes with other children, or do extra curriculars that help the child learn how to socialize and make friends.

  • Home Schooling is Simply a Different Method of Education

    Home schooling provides the opportunity for individualized learned, allowing students with special needs or gifted students to work at their own pace. Curriculum must comply with state standards, and parents are held accountable for their child's progress through standardized tests. Furthermore, it is more than possible to have an active social life a home schooled student. Many places like the YMCA and other rec centers offer classes during the day just for home schooled students, and in many districts home schooled students can play sports and participate in clubs at their local public school. When home schooled students reach a certain age in which they can legally work, employers are more apt to hire them because they can work odd hours and fit their schoolwork around their job. These jobs can help to ease the strain of finances on parents staying home to help home school their child.

  • What is the point of going to school...... To socialise.

    The reason parents send their kids to school is to socialise. Home schooling prevent relationships with other people. You benefit less from home schooling as you as are not independent or rely to much on a tutor. As school revolves around a child's life home schooling will not benefit the child at any time of there life.

  • No Social Life

    If children are home schooled, they won't be able to interact and learn to cooperate with classmates, since they are learning alone at home. Home schooling will also waste the parent's time, since they have to teach their child, therefore not being able to earn money for the family. Okay?

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