• Yes because public school = prison.

    If you plan a life-long career in a prison setting, school is a GREAT place to start. I suggest starting in a high-poverty school. I served a thirteen year sentence for a crime I still don't think I committed. I was punched, spit on, shunned, beaten up, vandalized, robbed and stripped.

    Only in prison and school are you told where to go and when, what to wear, what to think, what you'll eat, where you'll have to seek permission to use the bathroom, and where the main objectives are to keep you on the premises and prevent overt violence between the inmates.

    Prison culture and school culture have more in common than you care to think about.

  • Better Education, Socialism, and Fun

    Homeschooling is beneficial because kids have better learning experience, can decide what they want to learn, and get possibly even MORE social. Now I can almost hear all those people screaming at their laptops or PCs or Macs or whatever, but before you start posting a bunch of disagreeing comments on my post, consider this: Homeschooling allows students to participate in fun and sometimes educational clubs that they could not do in public school. Sitting in a lecture for 7 hours a day is not socialism. Clubs, fun and Friends are.

  • Yes, it has a different curriculum than the schools.

    Homeschooling helps a parent teach a child what he or she feels is necessary for the child to learn. Most adults forget some of the things they learned in public school because they did not need to remember these things for later on in life. At a certain age, a parent should ask a child what he or she wants to be when they grow up and the parent should help the child achieve this by helping them learn the necessary things which would enable them to succeed at the job, and not the things unnecessary for it.

  • but, it depends on the parents.

    Absolutely. I agree that it is beneficial. How could a parent that cares enough to devote his or her time teaching his or her child(ren) a bad thing? I was raised in a public school environment. Now that I have kids of my own I send my children to a public school. They are ages 5 and 7. I am experiencing the public school and I don't like it. With that being said with all the tragic events that are going on, I want to keep my kids at home. Teachers teach my children things that I don't like. My kids think that whatever the teacher says is right and it goes. I'm like who's the parent? Public school teaches that if someone is hitting or bullying you to go tell someone. I'm sorry but how is that going to help? If someone is choking or hitting you the only way to stop them immediately is to fight back. Otherwise how would you get away to go and tell? I wish I could homeschool my children. As a single parent I don't have that luxury.

  • Studies and statistics

    I support the notion that homeschooling can be very beneficial to children. The biggest argument I hear against homeschooling is that people feel homeschooled children aren't well socialized. Beyond the fact that I personally don't understand why there seems to be so much emphasis on that aspect of the schooling experience, I have seen the exact opposite of such sentiments. Homeschooled children have the opportunity to get out more often and socialize with people of all ages, not just peers their own age, which is a much more true-to-life experience. Look around you sometime where you work, how many people there are your exact age or come from similar backgrounds and experiences as in a public school classroom? Probably not too many. There is a growing movement towards homeschooling now as well, which means there are SO many groups and activities out there for homeschooled children, so they also have plenty of chances to interact with children closer to their own age. Also, the idea that homeschooled children will automatically turn out strange, socially inept, or incapable of dealing with "the real world" is kind of silly when you really stop to think about how many kids you went to public school with who turned out just like that. Public school is certainly not a safe-guard against "weirdness". I could go on and on, but basically the point is once again that homeschooling can definitely be beneficial.

  • My Parents Trust Me Too!

    I have been homeschooled all my life. I've entered a public school building six times, only because I was getting applications to enter a school sport (guess that covers the socialization question). I am now in my second year in college and at the top of my class. My father owns a healthcare business from which I've been working since I was fourteen. My older sister (also homeschooled), is twenty and runs the business most of the time. I am now THEE full-time secretary and going to college full time at night. If I sound confident...I am. Stop and ask yourself for a second, do you know any other nineteen year olds that are full-time secretaries, going to school to become a healthcare proffesional in the same business? What about twenty year olds running a business? My parents trust me too. They trust me with their business. Do you trust your business with your nineteen yearold and twenty year old? Have your children been working since their early teenage years? If you are too ignorant and illiterate to teach your children anything, don't rant and rave about how others shouldn't. If you don't think that homeschooled children are socialized, maybe you should actually meet a few. I've only been in a public school a few times, but every time I am I feel like I am trapped. Who would give me more guidence, education, truth, and love than my own parents? People who have gone to college for years and years, learning things that have nothing to do with the specific subject that they're going to teach? I go to college. I am taking classes for my degree that have nothing to do with my occupation! I am tired of people saying that we as homeschoolers don't know how to talk to others. Next time you pick your kids up from school, look at those around them. Do they talk to you? Or are they stuck in their own "peer group". Next time you go to your doctors' office and the secretary is sitting there filling out paperwork, sending faxes, answering phones, setting appointments, filling out orders, and calling insurence companies, think of me. Who has a better head start for life? Your child, or me?

  • I'm not usually for home-schooling under general circumstances

    I believe that education and learning is an experience, not merely the intake of information. The need for interaction socially, and academically with a range of minds is vital to this process. However, we must not forget the exceptional circumstances to which one might consider home-schooling their children. Can one really force a child who gains no gratification from being in school (a poor experience for them), and thereby, not learn anything, to continue attending? maybe home is the best place for some individuals. Education should be tailored to children, not children to education. After all, learning is a unique, individual experience, which although may often benefit from wider interaction, needs to consider cases where one might get more out of there being less of this interaction.

  • Generally, it is

    I am home schooled, I'll be graduating this June, and I've been home schooled my whole life. Overall, I think it depends on the person, but I think that generally, home schooling is beneficial to children. To those worried about socialization skills, there are home school groups that kids can get into and meet other home schooled kids in there area.

    But, onto the actual schooling process, I actually find the home school process very beneficial, at least the way we did it. I had trouble with math early on (especially multiplication, long division and the like) and being able to take my time, instead of being rushed through it and have it all shoved down my throat really helped. On top of that, you can combine certain subject to shorten the school day. For example, after my freshman english, I was able to combine english with another subject (history, geography, etc) to shorten my school day. If I were to write a history paper for example, I'd receive two grades, one for the content, and one for the actual paper, and this helped shorten the school day big time, leaving more time for playing, chores or whatever else.

    Being home schooled also helped teach me time management. Instead of having a fixed schedule, every single day, I read out of the textbook myself, and had to decide how to break up whatever I had to do each day, and make sure I got all the reading and all the home work done. So here I am, at 18, and I can manage my time better than most kids my age, because I've been doing it all of high school. If I should decide to go to college, this will be a huge skill to have, and one that is difficult to learn and master. One you certainly don't want to learn in college, rather, you want to know it when you get there.

    So overall, in my opinion, while home school doesn't work for everyone, there are lots of benefits from it, some that everyone should have.

  • Considering and researching homeschooling

    All I know is that there has GOT to be a better method and environment to learning than public schools. They are broken and turning into some kind of indoctrinating political experiment on our children. I also know I do not have the religious fever behind my reasoning nor do we have a reclusive life so that is not a threat to my child. The only concern I have is am I capable of the challenge to do it well for the sake of my son.

  • Home school is a lot better than public school

    Home schooling helped me more than public school did. It was more fun, less frustrating, and etc. and what im going through at this time,(which is really rough) school is the last thing i need in my way. So please help home school and kids like me have a better life.
    -thanks :)

  • Years of home schooling equal unable to deal with life.

    My mother began teaching me at home for religious reasons when I was in first grade. I learned that black people were a race cursed by God, that animals and humans could reproduce together, scientists claiming anything contradicting the Bible was Satan's work, everyone outside my door had AIDS and would stab me for looking at them funny and the only real way to live past the age of 25 was to stay at home with my mother and avoid any and all contact with the Godless world.
    Now, I am no psychologist, but I know enough to realize that 12-year-olds having panic attacks when forced to go anywhere other than home or church is not normal. Nor is it normal to live most of one's teen years inside one's own mind. And it's probably not normal to wash one's hands with bleach after touching anything in public because one's mother has convinced them it is quite possible to contract gonorrhea in this way.
    Yes, I learned to read and do math at a ridiculously early age. I was at a college reading level when I was 12. My IQ is 155. I wrote my first book at age 10. I was performing violin solos in front of big audiences when I was 14. I began composing when I was 15.
    But to this day, something as simple as a phone call or meeting a stranger is excruciating. I've been taken for stupid, uneducated and rude because I am too frightened to speak in front of people. I work a low-paying job because I cannot deal with the public and I do not know how to market my skills. I have no personal references to give potential employers because I allow no one to get to know me.
    I am worlds more socially adjusted than I was as a child, but my mother's teachings have persisted quite well. I'm terrified of people, new experiences and relationships. Yet I am indescribably lonely.
    Home schooling made me miserable.

  • Homeschooling is not effective.

    Homeschooling makes Kids dumber. they can't understand as much if they are homeschooled.

  • Do YOU as a parent have the schooling degree certified to be a teacher?

    People go to school for a reason and you have to become licensed to be a certified teacher and teach in public schools. As a parent you might not have the correct skills to help your child succeed to their full potential, leave it to professionals and stop trying to play super mom.

  • Ive seen it first hand

    Many of my church friends were home schooled as young children. As we grew up, I started evolving and becoming out going. My friends fell into a deep hole of uncertainty and oddness. I'm not being mean, however it is true. The same people that were home schooled when we were children are still at home, not going to college and working at McDonalds. Give your child the right path in life, public school.

  • Be a parent not a teacher

    On rare occasion will you find a parent qualified to teach and even then I question their ability to separate themselves from their parental role. No certification, experience, practicum, pedagogical understanding all speaks to having no qualification to be the child's academic educator. Let the teachers do their job and as a parent, play a supportive role. Nothing prevents you from speaking and engaging them in discussions regarding their needs and wants as they mature. Experiencing public schooling is one of the greatest lessons in life.

  • No no NO

    Absolutely NOT a fan of homeschooling. I was not educated past the 4th grade nor was my sibling educated past the 3rd grade, if that!
    It was a way for my family to hide from the world and use religion and homeschooling as a way of shelter. HOMESCHOOLING is ABUSE and I have suffered mentally and physically for the past 19 years from the abuse and scars I suffer til this day. No education and no way to get a fair education leaves you helpless in society!

  • Homeschooling is bad

    The most obvious difference between a homeschool classroom and a traditional classroom is the lack of students in the homeschool choice. When you decide to teach your kids at home, you should know that even if they have a lot of siblings, they are missing out on gaining important social skills from the school environment.

    In a traditional school setting, children interact with peers their own age, which teaches them valuable life skills, such as sharing, making conversation, making friends and compromising. While you can try to teach this at home, it often is not as effective as in the classroom without your help and supervision. With homeschooling, children often do not get the chance to develop a group of friends with whom they can play and relax when school hours are over.

  • Social Interaction with other peers

    Yes, yes I know every one always makes this same argument. I just wanted to say that because if you're home schooled, you won't be able to work on group projects, you won't hear other students' opinions, etc. However, home schooling is still an option and I have nothing against it.

  • Been there done that.

    I was homeschooled all my life. It sucked. I don't know how to keep a scheduled, I don't know how to keep notes, and I was never told to why education was important. My mom learned with me, if she struggled she would tell me to skip it. Now I'm struggling in a community college, I don't know time management... My 4th semester, I can't take on more than 2 classes it seems. It's going to take me a very very long time to finish college. I can't even get a job working with people, I make conversations awkward. I can't answer phones. I only have 2 close friends... I only made friends with other's that didn't have friends... Even people I hated because I was tired of being alone. I was never taught how to take care of myself, when I moved out at 19, living with my grandparents. My friend's parents taught me how to pump gas, deal with finances, and how to manage a bank account... Etc. I'm so behind in life. I'm not going to get on my feet till much later in life. I have no skills. I'm trying to learn and unlearn now. Parents, if you homeschool, you are basically only qualified for 5th grade, after that children learn from teachers than know their subject. So sorry, reality hurts.

  • I believe home schooling leads you down a one way path, chosen by the parents.

    Not only does school enhance social development and growth, it gives children so many opportunities to lead down whichever path they are interested in; this is especially evident in high school. Many believe high school is a waste of time learning things you will never use in life; which is incorrect. High school gives you a taste of many different things in the world, things that students may find interesting and want to put further research into or learn more about. Home schooling does not give very many opportunities to try different things, learn different concepts, it doesn't give you the opportunity to see how others learn, which is an important part of life. To learn others body language, is to make it easier to make friends. Find what the student what in a friend. Children cannot be wrapped up in wool forever. If you are that concerned about you child's education, do your research and find school near you that have a good reputation. School is what your child makes it and if you have taught them the value of life and that they only live it once, they will come to enjoy school along with learning.

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