• Why homeschooling is definitely something to consider.

    1. Huge Social Life, sometimes better then public schoolers.
    Ehm... Not like we are locked in a closet all day. We go outside, we have play dates, we meet up with friends, we have lots of fun. The whole "they are missing out on the real world" is a repetitive and false argument to make. Public-schoolers sometimes don't even socialize in school, just sit in the corner and get through the day. Really it all depends on the personality type. So this argument should never be used.

    2. Being home schooled, the parent has the opportunity to choose what their child wants and knows what best without useless curriculum's. The parents also have full watch over their children and can moderate their learning ability, giving them the attention they need when they need help.

    3. Public Schools just keep you "busy"
    One thing I know about public schoolers and researching it. They have common core and studies have shown "homework" has been completely useless 90% of the time. Public schools just give you work and that's all you do. Work. Learning the basics without really anything crucial to life. I will admit some schools are taking advantage of kids choosing things they want and learning what is essential. But so far, over half of the country hasn't taken action.

    4. Its fun!
    Being homeschooled myself, I find it personally enjoyable. Able to eat a sandwich while doing some math. Can go out to an event and come back and finish up my work. Its overall awesome!

  • Yes, homeschooling is better than public school.

    73% of homeschooling parents said that displeasure with our schooling system is one of the reasons why they homeschool. With homeschooling, you get more freedom, more options, and more opportunities. One of the most common myths about homeschoolers is that they have little or no "social skills." Studies have proven that homeschoolers outscore public schoolers not only in socialization, but also in communication, daily living, and maturity.

  • Public schooling is way better that home schooling.

    In the past few years of modernization , the ways of interacting , studying, socialising ,etc ; have changed to a great extent .I porsnally think that home schooling is detrimental for a child's future. The facts to life that a child learns in school practically cannot be taught at home . Academics get better when there's a competitive surrounding area.
    The concept of public schooling seems to have withstand it's position in the world and, I guess the concept of home schooling must be demarcated .

  • No,homeschooling is worse.

    I have been in many different home school curriculums and all they teach you is to memorize many stuff you don't actually know, verses public school you know what you learn. I am now in Public school and I don't like do admit it but I'm getting bad grades because I had bad math in home school. They test you everyday on the same stuff. There is no point doing it everyday.

  • Interaction and experience

    If children are home schooled, they would not experience how to interact with children . These children won't have enough experiences for them to teach their future children. Interacting with new people at school makes a child's childhood. If we remove the ability of children to interact and things on their own, they would be spoiled and they would not have much fun.

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