• Not as much stress

    Hey everyone I'm 11, my life at school is very horrible, not that i get bullied. School stresses me out so much that it gets me and my mom sick. I already missed 13 days of school because all that stress gets me stomach and head aches. My mom always tells me to feel positive, but honestly it never happens. I've been begging my mom to home school me but it won't work.

  • Can you seriously be asking

    If homeschooling is better than public school? Is a cheeseburger better than a hot pocket? Yeah? It is if you have a brain! We throw money at the public schools like it is water to a fire and we are still far behind the rest of the world in education. People think after they give their child over to the state for 12 years, 14 with pre K and K5, that they only need 4 more years of college to learn something. Obviously, if the state can't get it done in 14 years then there is a problem with that whole idea. Socializing? Socializing is for the summer. I don't want my kid becoming a social butterfly and worrying about brand name clothing and other superficial garbage that will help her in no way once she is an adult. How many kids end up pregnant and strung out on dope in the public school system? Yeah, that's real cool. Anyone that sends their child to public school should be charged with abuse. If you can't raise your child, which includes teaching them, then you shouldn't be having kids. This government kills more kids across the world than any government in history. No, my child is too valuable to be handing her over to a psychotic system with no morality or ethics. She can socialize at Stanford. You can have your public school. The world will always need burger flippers.

  • Unless You're Ignorant

    Those who believe homschool should be banned simply need enlightenment.
    Homeschooling is not for everyone, but the vast majority of people who dislike it have clearly never experienced firsthand the wonders a loving parent can do for a child's education in a safe environment.
    I've been homeschooled my whole life, except for about one and a half years in which I experienced public school and decided for myself that I loved homeschooling with a fiery passion.
    Most parents homeschool because they love their children and want to spend time with them. They believe a child's education is personal. Homeschool is incredibly flexible. Each child's coursebook, pace, and studying location is molded to their abilities. This provides optimal efficiency. In a public school, everyone's put into a cookie cutter or mold. Everyone has to learn basically the same thing at the same pace. There are constant delays in class. The smart kids are bored and the slower kids are lost.
    Social life is fantastic for homeschoolers. The flexibility of their schedules allows them to meet with friends at any time. Co-ops are free from peer-pressure, teachers with bias, sex, drugs, and alcohol, and violence. My co-op has been one of the biggest blessings of my life.
    They learn responsibility better than public schoolers, because they must learn self-motivation. Their work ethic is amazing. Colleges actually seek after homeschoolers. On average thier GPA is higher, and so are their ACT and SAT scores. More homeschoolers go to college than public schoolers.
    Who can better teach values, personal morals and good behavior than a loving parent? There are so many students in public schools that teachers must be fairly impersonal. They only have five days a week with kids for two semesters, then the kids move on and get a different teacher. Homeschooling is different. With a mom or dad personally guiding the child's academics, their learning is vastly improved and no one is left behind.
    The parents are perfectly qualified to teach. There are hundreds of courses custom made for homeschoolers to equip them for college, the world, life, and tests. These courses are self-explanatory and tell the parent what activities and lessons to do so that their school year is thoroughly planned out.
    Oh, I'm sorry, was I rambling? I could go on and on. I have to cut it short. Excuse me while I go write a book about this.
    I adore homeschooling.

  • Homeschooling is Better!

    As the other says homeschool is very fun and you are not stress on studying. Do you think one teacher can teach all students like 40 - 50 students? One teacher can't focus their attention on one child or another. On home school, parents are very focus on their child and you are able to make your own curriculum for your child to enjoy!

  • Homeschooling is much better than public schools

    Its less stressful and you like to learn about things. I hate public schools that are less fun and the teachers can be mean. Some teachers don't teach the way that you can learn. You don't have to get up early and you have better food .You can still see freinds

  • Depends on the student

    I know people who have thrived in public school and homeschool. I also know people who have had a terrible experience with both. The argument that homeschooled kids are antisocial is complete crap. There may be some, but there are just as many kids at public school who have no social skills whatsoever.

  • I am homeschooled

    No common core (when they dumb down the program) and I actually teach myself! No online stuff, it's all books for me. I'm going to be going into calculus In about a year and a half and I started homeschooling just last year and was in pre-algebra. So hahah public school!

  • Tired of teachers blaming the child

    A child that is bright, thinks differently, not a social butterfly is excluded in these environments. Shunned, degraded and singled out. After a while, it wears down the child's self worth and self esteem. What social skills are coming from this if in the future the child develops PTSD? On top of that the mean mom cliques who volunteer at the schools. If you aren't "in" with them then your child is also included on their hit-list. No thanks. Public schools exclude the brightest children to the point to where the only sane thing to do is to homeschool. "Socialize!" Home schooled children do socialize more comfortably when they aren't being harassed in school because schools are all about conformity.

  • Less focusing on the stress & drama that other people cause...More focus on learning

    In the last 5 years, my 3 girls have had quite a few problems with their school. Bullies, mean teachers, etc. The principle & teachers all stick together no matter what. They don't apologize or take responsibility of any kind for anything that goes wrong while my kids are in their care. My girls are wonderful, caring kids. I know they will do much better learning at home without all the bad influences. I don't care what people think. I know public schools are not a good place for kids. Even good teachers won't back the kids. They all make excuses or place blame on the kids or parents.

  • I think homeschooling is better

    I think it's better because you can take your time learning things. Teachers think once most of the class gets it then everyone else gets it too. I'm doing public school, but I wanna be homeschooled. I get bullied at school and I usually come home in a horrible mood. I don't talk to anyone. I have been touched inapropiatly at school a couple times and I've told but they seem to keep doing it. I think homeschooling would be better for me cause I'm slow in some things and the teachers go to fast for me. And just because your home schooled doesn't mean you don't get to hang around other people. Most people in public schools get bullied and they aren't socially active.

  • Home schooling is not better than public schooling

    Firstly, public schooling has more choices for education. This is because public schools bring teachers for different subjects. This means that the students are able to study different kinds of education. In my school for example, we get to choose the subjects we want to study from year 10 (have a few exceptions). This is not just our school; almost every school is like this. Home schooling on the other hand, there is a limited amount of education knowledge that your parents can give to you (unless they have the money to hire private teachers). 2005, the New York Times reported a family that was being taught in home. However, the children were not able to have a physical education. When the parents sent them to a public school, the children of the family were able to have the educations that they wanted.

  • Home schooling is not better than public schooling.

    No, I do not believe that parents who home school their children are helping them instead of sending them to a public school. Going to a public school helps students develop their social and interaction skills with other human beings, which is a skill that just cannot be taught by home schooling kids.

  • Home schooling is bad

    It is because kids may not get the chance interact with each other.Also if a kid is doing bad in school does not mean you shall home school your child,Give him what he wants such as:Xbox play station etc...And also let him do whatever he wants such as:go out with friends etc...And never hit your children or threaten them that will scar them for life.SO DO NOT HOME SCHOOL YOUR CHILD!!!

  • Life of a homeschooler gone public schooler

    I have been home-schooled throughout my life, I was first home-schooled in third grade. It definitely took some adjusting, but I believe my brother learned the most from it. My brother learned that he could throw himself on the ground crying and my mom comfort him and calm him down. While my brother was becoming a master of complaining, I tried to get my work done, but it's hard when you have a first grader constantly crying. My mother and father tried to move me out in the office, but I'm one of those people where I like to be around people. Eventually I began to just go to my room and read, let's just say I'm proficient in English and reading. Yes, we did try co-ops, but they didn't work for me, they were boring and uninteresting. In sixth grade we went to a charter-school throughout the half year I learned things that I never thought of learning, not to mention that I still talk to the friends that I made there and I moved away in eighth grade. We were only there for half a year, a day before winter break my parents pulled us out of school because they were bankrupt. I was disappointed to learn that I didn't even have a warning or to say goodbye to my friends. In seventh grade we were back to home-schooling and we were back to our routines, my brother throwing himself on the ground and I doing no work but reading. My mom found this co-op through a friend, I felt a little better about it because my friend was there, but because they also had an art class. The art the teacher taught wasn't exactly my style but everyones style is different so I drew and drew. But the summer of eighth grade my father moved my family and I to a smaller town, and this time I would finally get my dream to go to a public school. At first I felt so awkward because I didn't really know what to do, I had never gone through anything like this. I eventually made some friends, to which I am still friends with. I have never been peer pressured, or had anything to do with drugs or alcohol except when we talked about them in health. I promise you there are good kids and teachers in the public schools, just give them a chance. Sadly I will now be moving to another town and have to make friends all over again, I have to say that is defiantly not one of the things I am good at because in elementary school that is what you learn about most. Forget math and English, you will have to learn how to make friends the rest of your life and have to deal with the people you don't agree with. When I was home-schooled I never thought that I would make it to high school or even to algebra.

  • Extra activities after school ??

    Personally I think public school Is better because the extra curriculars after school you can join like sports,drama,or a running club I would go to school all excited about going to basketball after school or going to volleyball practice after school ended I loved having these extra curriculars and in homeschooling you can't really do those extra activities after school. I go to a public school and I LOVE school!!! I wake up every morning thinking YES I can't wait to get to school!!! I've never had a problem at a public school, sometimes there's that little fight with your best friend but you're just learning how to cooperate with other people and listen to their ideas. Anyways I love public school and personally if you want to do extra activities like sports or drama or any extras after school public school would be a good choice. At least it is a good choice for me!

  • Not Enough Social Interaction

    When you go to school, you see other people every single day. You have interaction and get used to working with people and being with them. However, when you are homeschooled, all your friends go to school and you don't. You're stuck at home with no one to talk to or play with or just hang around with, and after a while it gets kinda boring. When you grow up and have to go to university and actually interact with people, you won't be ready because you're in-experienced. You haven't been around people all day every day all your life like your mates, and you haven't had people around you all the time. You will be socially insecure and will be unable to handle all the attention and people all the time. You will be socially awkward and this will make you feel bad and insecure. Therefore, this is why going to a normal school and being with people every day is a whole lot better to being homeschooled.

  • Lack of life skills and social interaction

    Homeschooling fails to provide the inner nourishment of values, that all schools provide. Life skills and values like responsibility, honesty, fairness,etc. Are stressed more in schools.Homeschooling may appear easier, but it lacks the basic value system that every child should be taught.Also, homeschooling does not allow the students to interact with all kinds of people around them, which leads to many problems in the child's future. School life is of course the best part of one's life. After all.. We must enjoy what is provided in life!

  • Advantages of Public school

    There are some people that do not get along with other people well, but that does not mean you should put them into a home schooling program! They need to learn how to cooperate with other people so they can get jobs. In modern life, you have to get a job to sustain a healthy life, if you cannot work with your co-workers, the you would always be in search of a job because you can't cooperate with other people. I actually have a friend that was home schooled from elementary to high school and every time we brought up the subject of school, all she would say is" You are so lucky that you have the choice to be in a public school. I can't even be in a public school for a day." This home schooling will effect children in the long term. Unless your child is extremely mature and will do well in the world even after home schooling.

  • Halie pikey 13

    Ok so I love school but if I am late for class if I get in troble then ...................................................................... But then I wont have any friends and people want friends toon so like when u go to a new school meet new people wow I am scared but I like waking up early I donk know CAN SOME ONE HELP ME PLZZZZ.

  • In a public school you will have more opportunities.

    In a public school you are able to pick your classes and you can join extra activities. Band. Orchestra, football, basketball, soccer, cheer, drama club, N.A.L., P.E., manufacturing classes, ect. They are not available when you are homeschooled. Even though public school might be harder it is much better for your future.

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notyourbusiness says2014-11-12T13:40:28.593
It really depends on many factors, such as the parent's level of education, devotion to child, time he/she can contribute, etc.
janelromero says2015-04-29T04:34:47.240
One of the biggest advantages students have when they attend public school is having a teacher who is well-educated. In recent years, studies show that students who have teachers with higher education outperform those otherwise (NAEP, 2013). Children who are home schooled are not required to have a teacher who has any type of degree, including a high school diploma.