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Home schooling is not better than public schooling

  Firstly, public schooling has more choices for education. This is because public schools bring teachers for different subjects. This means that the students are able to study different kinds of education. In my school for example, we get to choose the subjects we want to study from year 10 (have a few exceptions). This is not just our school; almost every school is like this. Home schooling on the other hand, there is a limited amount of education knowledge that your parents can give to you (unless they have the money to hire private teachers). 2005, the New York Times reported a family that was being taught in home. However, the children were not able to have a physical education. When the parents sent them to a public school, the children of the family were able to have the educations that they wanted.
LouisLee says2013-08-18T04:10:56.347
Secondly, public schooling gives a higher possibility for going to universities. When you finish all the studies you need to do in high school, you will look for universities. Let’s say that you are attending for Harvard University. You will be asked to write your personal information and what kind of schools you attended before. If you are one of the judges that pick the students, will you accept a student that was studying in a no.1 school or a home-schooled student? With no hesitation, you will choose the ones that studied in the no.1 school. This is because a person that goes to a no.1 school is believable and reliable. On the other hand, a person that is home-schooled is not as reliable as others that go to schools.
LouisLee says2013-08-23T04:34:30.827
Thirdly, public schooling is positive for having a social life. When you go to a public school, you have lots peers that can be friends with you. You can study, hang out or exercise with your friends in ‘groups’. One the other hand, home schooling is ineffective comparing to public schooling. You can’t do anything in groups (Unless you have lots of other people that is home schooling with you). By talking to teachers and friends you can actually learn those social skills and what you need to do in the future. You can also experience things that are going around you. However, you can’t do these just by home schooling.
TheYummyCod says2014-05-26T15:49:36.710
To your first point, in home-schooling, there is actual competition between curriculums. It's not what public schools choose should be an option for you, it's what you choose for you. To my last count, there were hundreds of different elections, and choices for mandatory subjects for home-schoolers, in terms of curriculum, something public schools don't have. You have some options, but nothing in comparison to the vast array of choices given to home-schooled children. If you're a religious, pro-creation, pro-bible fanatic, you can find curriculum that lines up to your views, whereas if you're a hardcore skeptic, progressive, pro-evolution, open-minded liberal, you can find curriculum that lines up to your views also. It isn't one-size fits all, government-approved curriculum; it's what you decide is right for yourself. You can study as many topics as you wish, at your own pace, which allows me to work on my law degree while in high school. Why? Because I have the option, I have the time, and I'm bloody well homeschooled.

To your second point, I acknowledge your reasoning, but you lack the data to uphold it. First of all, as one of the "judges who picks the students", you would be more likely to choose those with high GPA, high scores on ACTs and SATs, and those with more high school credit. These are all areas led by home-schoolers. And to reflect this data, is the college-acceptance rates, where in Harvard, Stanford, Dartmouth, and other ivy-league schools, home-schooled students are twice more likely to have their application accepted.

Your third point can only be debated as an opinion, so I will present mine and hope that you will listen to it in the same way I have listened to yours.
I believe that home-schoolers generally have better social skills than public-schooled students, because while public-schooled students are placed in an institution where they usually wait for friends to come to them, home-schooled students seek out friends themselves, and understand that relationships are formed through conversation and exchanging of ideas, rather than being in the same room as others your age.
While many home-schoolers are socially reserved, and have trouble making friends, so are many public-schooled students, who cannot make friends even though they spend half of every day in the same room as people their age.
While in public schools, children are classified into different social groups (i.E. The jocks, the cool, the uncool, the popular, the unpopular, the geeks, et cetera), many home-schoolers are used to conversing with those of different interests, and can make lasting friendships with anyone, regardless of their interests, because that's how they've done it their entire lives.
There is generally little difference in the social skills of home-schoolers and public-schoolers, except in the manner of which they are categorized.
However, this is only my opinion through experience, and I'm open to hear your take on differing social skills once you have considered my opinion.
josh2259 says2015-11-12T12:29:07.740
Ennit!!! I agree with TheYummyCod
Sakeenah says2016-03-23T15:47:21.053
I agree with TheYummyCod
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