• Home school Ensures Conformity and Liberty

    With homeschooling, weather it's the guardian or a professional, homeschooling is more individualized and personalized to the student/child, you will have the one on one and expertise there on hand to answer questions, homeschooling also removes the fear of asking questions because they know the instructor on a personal bases.

    With public schools and private schools students generally develop phobias on things such as test and asking questions, this can be contributed to several things such public speaking anxiety, the student may be a generally quiet person and keep to themselves so they feel asking public speaking will cause them to get bullied. Testing phobias because they're convinced the test is everything and they're graded on a standardized scale with EVERYONE.

    In public schools kids are taught they have no rights such as freedom of speech, or the right to due process with punishments (totally different debate), but these completely clash with the ideals of "real world", in the real world it's illegal to violate someones rights, and it isn't covered up by the state's system.

    This is the stuff that causes civil wars people,

  • Homeschooling is the best way to learn.

    Homeschooling is a very effective, efficient, safe and individualized way for kids to learn and grow into respectful and very successful adults.

    In general, homeschooling is more effective and than public schooling because students learn at there own rate. This is often faster because they don't have to wait for other students. Also they can take more time thoroughly learn the subjects they struggle with.

    Students in public school waste a lot of time everyday walking between classes, waiting for students who are behind. Homeschoolers can finish there school day in far less time and have hours to play sports or music or anything they are interested in.

    Homeschooling is safer than public school. There is far less exposure to cigarettes and drugs and other bad influences.

    Homeschoolers learning is individualized. It relys not on there parents knowledge or on one text book or one teacher, but students can learn from the best sources and can find clear explanations for everything they don't understand. Public schoolers however often learn from one teacher or one book.

    In conclusion homeschooling is a very great thing for many people.

  • For the real world

    Alright, home schooling may be better than traditional education in public schools, but public schools provide situations and scenarios to help children in the real world.

    True, education is important but life skills, communication, and social interactions keep people alive. Public school is more than just wasting time walking around and waiting for people to catch up to your learning level. Public schools reach patience, acceptance, and give a chance for different people to meet and become friends.

    True, bullying happens and there's drug use sometimes, but this exposes students what the world's really about. Not everyone is going to like you. People are going to put you down. Drugs are used irresponsibly.

    But, you got to learn to defend yourself against most of the hate and injustice of this world. Mommy or Daddy won't always be there in the future. Sometimes you have to p stand up for yourself.

  • Public schools is the best way to learn a real world

    Because public school is giving the children freedom to speech with other more knowing of bullying and more violence so children can more way learning about the violence and the other and know how to self defence and more getting friend and the children can get enough experience for the real world and maybe public schools is wasting time but we can get more friend fake friend or true friend even girlfriend or boyfriend if you want it but for me public school is better than home schooling

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