Is homeschooling better than traditional schooling?

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  • Just to provide some balance:

    There is a big difference between xenophobes sequestering their children from ideas they fear and effective and conscientious home schooling. When GROUPS of families who do homeschooling work together, like some of my neighbors do, they can create a program with many of the advantages of public school combined with individualized instruction, freedom, and enhanced learning activities.

    Well done home schooling is a ton of work. In addition to complying with state standards, or the Common Core requirements, the parents have to make the kids get out into the world, interact with a wide variety of people, and learn to be cooperative members of a large group, and take the required standardized tests. (These are the main advantages of public schools.)

    The following advantages of home schooling require a lot of commitment by both the parents and the students.
    1 The students can advance faster than the slowest child in the class.
    2 The assignments can be "authentic" meaning they serve a real purpose in addition to practice of the skill. For example planning and installing a tile floor as a geometry project, writing articles for publication for a English, social studies, or science paper, growing a garden for a biology project.
    3 Travel for social studies education.
    4 Doing home finance tasks for math.
    5 Doing real and original science research studies.
    6 Reading a wider variety of literature than is available at pubic school.
    7 Actual preparation for a specific profession.
    8 Having a real job/internship.

    This all requires work and funds, but school is not the best place to learn, just the easiest

  • Homeschooling is better

    I say that homeschooling is better than traditional schooling because in this way students can learn at their own pace. They don't have to worry about being on a constant schedule. They don't have to worry about being bullied. If the student and his or her family are Christian, then they can have even more freedom to read the Bible and include Christian and Godly based studies into their education material. Homeschooled students can still socialize, with their favorite hobbies and family gatherings. I am all for homeschool.

  • Homeschooling is better for children who need extra attention, such as gifted or special ed children.

    After working in the public schools as a teacher and previously working as a substitute in many schools, public and private, I find that children thrive well in homeschool situations. As for the argument of socialization, all you need is to socialize! Children can be involved in many functions such as teams, other classes outside the home, orchestra, dance, whatever. They see and talk to other kids their age, so I don't buy into the socialization thing. Schools have become more of a social place and not an academic place.

  • Well this is just for me

    Homeschooling is not working for me or my family the lack of structure and the fact that I can wake up late has put me at a disadvantage. And the fact that all my school work is on a laptop makes it too easy to get distracted. In fact I'm distracted right now so I'll just say no it's not better.

  • Learn to work in groups

    I think kids need to learn to work in groups and learn that their might be someone that you have to work with and you are not going to like them or their personality but you still need to be able to work with them and also kids need to socialize more bc most of the time kids come home from school go on their phone and then do homework

  • You cannot say that one is better than the other.

    Both provide clear benifits for different types of people. Homeschooling allows the child's interests to be seriously taken into account. Traditional school works to meet the needs of the average kid of a certian age group, generalizing everyone, but homeschooling can conform to meet the needs of a specific child, making it a legitimate option for many children. However, traditional school has more social benifits and does a better job of preparing children for real life. Since they both have clear benifits. One cannot be considered "better" than the other.

  • No, homeschooling is not better than traditional schooling and education.

    I am convinced that homeschooling is definitely not better or more efficient than traditional way of education and schooling. I believe that both systems of education have advantages as well as disadvantages.
    You can simply adapt homeschooling for the needs of your child. Therefore the education can be more efficient and aimed on particular needs of the children. On the other hand, children can feel isolated and lonely. Everyone needs to be part of some social group. This fact is very importand for youngsters and juveniles. Therefore, homeschooling could bring a frustration, confusion and further troubles of socialization.

  • Home schooling would deprive people of necessary social skills.

    In home schooling, students are not brought up having practiced social skills that other students have practiced putting them at a strong disadvantage to other students. Social skills such as making friends, the way in which people act around people of different status' (i.E. Teachers, headteachers and other students). Having said that, these skills can be learnt by doing other things alongside home schooling such as getting a job or joining youth groups etc... Which is why we shouldn't ban it completely since it is successful for some students. Nevertheless, without the opportunity to practice such vital skills, students are placed at a disadvantages against people in regular schools.

  • Well this is just for me

    Homeschooling is not working for me or my family the lack of structure and the fact that I can wake up late has put me at a disadvantage. And the fact that all my school work is on a laptop makes it too easy to get distracted. In fact I'm distracted right now so I'll just say no it's not better.

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bubbatheclown says2014-03-22T23:06:24.747
Many homeschooled families get together with other homeschooled families to form groups for social activities. Therefore, homeschoolers are not necessarily antisocial.
CloudKylion says2014-03-23T00:10:40.860
Loaded question. You have to be way more specific if you want an accurate answer.