• Homeschooling is academically successful.

    A lot of Ivy league schools now seek out homeschooled graduates. Their average grades on ACT, PSAT, and SAT tests are a lot higher than most public or private schools. As for a "lack of social life." Most homeschooled kids have awesome social lives. They have friends, but they have to be less shy and work harder to have friends. That makes them better socially than the average Joe. And, yes, I am homeschooled.

  • Yes it is.

    Homeschooling is effective. It is a great way for kids to learn without other distractions like what there friends are doing and who is sitting next to who in class. It allows them to learn in the comfort of their home with people they know and trust. It gives the parents good reassurance too.

  • Homeschooling can be effective.

    Anecdotal evidence is not particularly the best, but in my experience I've seen many talented and creative people who were homeschooled. Of course, the real question is how effective the particular parents will be at homeschooling- not all parents will be effective teachers, and even intelligent people aren't skilled and intelligent in all respects. I imagine the returns of homeschooling diminishes the higher the level of education gets. Still, it can be done, and done very well.

  • Yes, homeschooling works well for some children.

    Kids who are home-schooled are able to learn in a one-on-one environment. This may make the child more comfortable with asking several questions to understand an academic concept. Home school also gives both teachers and students the advantage of advancing to new lessons or grades at a pace the student is comfortable with. For this reason, may students who are home schooled are able to graduate early.

  • Yes, homeschooling can be effective.

    Homeschooling can work well for some children, as it can solidify the bond between parent and child. Some children also learn better in a more intimate environment, where their questions can be answered right away and in detail. Homeschooling also gives some students the advantage of moving through grade levels quickly, as some children graduate early who are home-schooled.

  • Some students may thrive!

    While homeschooling definitely isn't the best option for most students, there are plenty of students who struggled in public school who find homeschooling to be the best path of education. I'm not saying that homeschooling is generally better than going to public school, but specific students need another opportunity to do well- and home school might be one of those options.

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  • Yes, from someone who has been in both worlds

    I have been home schooled up until the 8th grade. I had gone to a co op since first grade. I've gotten all As and Bs in school so far (in 10th now) and there are things I learned but also didn't learn from homeschooling. Basically, when I was a kid, I hated school, mostly due to the anxiety brought on by my older brothers insulting me because I couldn't say, solve a division problem by 1st grade or some stupid thing like that. So I mostly ran from my school work, sometimes my mom would catch me with a math lesson or two and give me a book to read, but a lot of the time I spent was either playing or on the computer playing club penguin or writing stories. Honestly, I didn't do much school at all. But I did better than my classmates when I went to school. I think it was because I didn't waste my time with history and memorising facts, instead, I read about historical fiction and responded to it. I also did math with science. And I wrote a lot in my free time. With the social aspect, I had friends at my co op and church. But I believe being by my mom all the time gave me the influence of how to act like an adult. Instead of being surrounded by kids who will rebel with other kids following suit and learning how to act by that standard, I learned how my mom interacted with people. I learned how to be a nice person (not saying every kid in school is bad though). But when it comes down it it, the education system is whack in many many countries currently. I would just suggest homeschooling because it allows your child to interact with more things and just allows them to be a kid, not stuck in a prison for 8 hours a day with their parents just being in the background of it all.

  • Homeschooling is customize.

    With homeschool, students are not stuck waiting for slower students to catch up, nor are they left in the dust when they have difficult understanding a concept. The level of education can be tailored to the student's specific needs, which may change over time.

    As for the argument that homeschoolers don't learn social skills, that is just not true. Homeschoolers tend to participate in all kinds of social groups, whether it be scouting troops, church groups, homeschool networks or community sports teams. There are so many opportunities to interact with other kids outside of school, and many of those activities are much more effective for building social and collaborative skills than sitting quietly at a desk in a classroom all day alongside thirty other kids.

  • Homeschooling for the win!,

    First and foremost, homeschooling offers a great deal of freedom, especially educational freedom. While the basics are certainly covered for all homeschool students, the students have a great deal of freedom over what they specifically learn and when. Students can focus on the subject matter that gets them excited, whether that is history, biology or creative writing. Next, homeschooling offers a great deal of physical freedom. Without the strict schedule of school hours, homework and school trips, families have much more freedom to vacation at odd times, visit museums during the week and other such activities. Additionally, homeschooling offers emotional freedom. Students often experience troubles with bullies, peer pressure, boredom and competition. In a homeschool environment, these factors are eliminated. Students are able to think, dress and act the way that they want, making sure that self-esteem remains intact. Lastly, homeschooling offers religious freedom not found in public schools, which is definitely important to many families.

    There are many other pros to homeschooling as well. Members of homeschooling families often form significantly closer family relationships. Homeschooling provides a sense of stability to families during difficult times, whether it is illness, moving, death or a new family member. Homeschooling ensures that kids can get the rest they need. No longer are kids forced to rise before dawn to slave away in early morning classes. Lastly, homeschooling eliminates the need for busywork. Homeschooling is a much more efficient way to teach and learn, and can eliminate the need for homework.

  • Ok yes BUT

    No because they miss one thing they really get from school. A social life. People who do not socially interact as children are not going to learn how to interact as well as adults. You need interaction and you need some friends and you even need bullies. I know how horrible that sounds to most parents but the fact is bullies are always going to be there in life, and your kids need to learn how to deal with them and with the stress it causes. They need to develop some what of a thick skin so they can handle it later on in life. The reason i focused on the bullies was because I know home schooled kids can have friends too they just dont get to interact as often.

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  • Gucci Gang yuh

    I think its not effective because the way it is. Because kids can just sit at home and smoke that good kush and get litty while the other kids are falling asleep at school, i think homeschooling is good in a non educational way because you can just party hardy all day

  • Lack of social skills

    Homeschooling is ineffective because of the lack of necessary life skills it fails to provide one of the most important being communication. I personally have not been homeschooled, but think it is safe to conclude that homeschooled students simply do not receive the same communication and social experience as public school kids do. An important aspect of public schools is collaboration in groups, this activity not only gets kids to communicate but also work with others in a group (which is something most everyone will have to do in their adult life) and share their ideas and opinions respectfully. Some parents choose to homeschool their kids because of bullying, but the fact of the matter is this is actually unhealthy. Shielding kids from the negative people will only make the world harsher for them. Bullying will not go away, and life isn't bully free once you're an adult.

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