Is homeschooling the best option for kids who are bullied on a regular basis?

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  • Home-schooling gives students the confidence to excel in the real world and deal with bullies.

    If a student is constantly being bullied, just letting it to continue happening will only cause the student to feel insecure and not confident in themselves and their abilities. I f the student is home schooled, they will gain confidence and then be able to deal with bullies more effectively. I believe that this WILL NOT teach students to run away from problems, but will on the contrary, teach them that they can do something about their problems rather than just putting up with it.

  • To stop kids

    Kids get bullied every day and need a better place at home with family to comfort them and help instead of bad teachers not doing their job with the bad kids like the boys that put a 2 years old on the train tracks with medal and killed him when the train came and they were happy.

  • Teaches children to focus their attention on something other than their safety....

    Learning to deal with a bully as a child can severely leave the child with anger issues as an adult. If you spend your entire childhood life fighting off bullies kids could eventually result to one of two things: either hurt themselves or someone else. Then, once they become an adult the emotional scars of that lifestyle could very easily cause them to cause harm to others when angered. However, leaving an ongoing harmful environment to focus on other things that are healthy for the mind and body tends to create a well round adult. Who has learned to handle a disagreement without violence.

  • Things are hard enough in schools

    If a child is being messed with in school, it can create a low self esteem and make it hard for the child to focus on school lessons. My son was picked on for being bigger than the other kids. He is 9 but already 5 feet tall. I've home schooled for a year and he is thriving. Also, I'm not concerned with socialization. My son can carry on a conversation with anyone, any age.

  • Bullying is getting out of hand!

    Personally I have been bullied for some time and schools aren't doing their jobs. This is making the victim more and more questionable each day. Bullying is not a nice experience so if you move into a new school you will have to rebuild all that confidence back up and In my opinion it could get worse than before so it'll just come crashing down!
    Home schooling is a better way of getting out of the problem because you will be able to know your comfortable with your choice and you don't get hate for something so stupid like spots, hair, how you look etc...
    This is the best way.

  • Schools are not typically able to stop the abuse

    In the real, non-school world, verbal and physical abuse is not tolerated. And people are usually mature enough (or are aware enough of the negative consequences) to not resort to hitting, punching, or throwing stones at one another. School is an artificial environment that throws together children that are the same age and maturity level, and expects adults to be able to be responsible for 30+ children without giving adults the tools they need to monitor and promote positive and stop negative behaviors. It's strange that people think of school as the "real world" when it is so incredibly unlike anything you'll ever encounter in the real world.

  • Dealing with abuse is not a required life skill

    No one "needs" to be exposed to bullying in their life. You aren't developing some important life skill by handling a bully. The very definition of bullying is verbal or physical abuse. What is the lesson anyone is learning by being bullied? As an adult, what do you do if someone verbally or physically assaults you? Do you feel this was a critical skill you needed to learn in childhood? And then what of those kids that never get bullied? Are they missing an important lesson?
    All bullying does is put kids in impossible situations where they may have to step out of their values to handle (i.E. Punch the bully back). It subjects them to a situation where they are being devalued and suffer long emotional scars. There is zero reason why a child needs this to develop a skill. I believe the question isn't about whether the child is missing out on a skill by being pulled from school over bullying. The question is whether or not this is a problem for the parent who will then have to homeschool their child. Homeschooling or a new school are the best options for a bullying situation that is not corrected by the school or the other child's parents.

  • The problem with bullying

    I think that homeschooling is better because your child is safe from bullies and he can learn in peace. Why should some maniac bully my child.I think that we need to punish the bully s parents .For every bullying report the parents should pay a fine.If they pay a fine they will tell their kid to stop.

  • ABSOLUTELY-or maybe we just leave them in harms way?

    Kids trust us to keep them safe. We may not be able to control other children's meanness but we sure can take them out of harms way. Children should not have to fend for himself or figure out how to solve the bullying problem as some suggest. They are children. They need us to protect them.They deserve our protection. In many situations, homeschooling is the answer. Th great news; with online homeschooling programs like the ones we have at,any parent can successfully and easily and affordably homeschool.

  • Home Schooling is better options for best results... Not an option for "protected for goverment feeling"

    Even the people think they are get it out or run for a problem, just the weak people can't understand you are teaching responsability for their own.. You don´t like Home Schooling because you want Goverment aprovement... The bullying needs to be treated out the bullying enviroment.. When the child feel recovered, and with high posibilities to comfront their bullies, always have the option to turn back on scholarship... Switch schools is a stupid argument, because they say that bullies are everywhere... If you say to your son that you are change because the bullie, he felt you don't trust in him.. You have to support and say him thats a new adventure and got the best tools to treat his bullie historial...

  • You can't run from bullies in the real world.

    Bullies are everywhere, from school to the workplace. Bullies are the problem, so deal with them. It isn't fair to socially harm the child just because a snot nose little kid is bullying them. If the bullying is so bad, tell the victims to slug the bullies in the nose. Homeschooling only teaches kids that running from their problems is a viable option. In the real world, they will face adversity and will have to overcome it. Don't teach them that hiding away will make things better.

  • As a home-schooled kid, I disagree.

    Homeschooling is the best option for anyone who wants to improve on social skills (yes, it's counter-intuitive, but I base this on experience, as my public speaking skills, and social skills, have definitely improved since I made the switch), and their academic ability, not to mention their sleep schedule.

    However, in terms of bullying, it's not the best option. If a kid gets bullied on a regular basis, suggest boxing lessons. If the system doesn't like that response to bullies, i.e. suspending the kid for defending himself with his fists, then THAT'S the time to consider homeschooling. In other words, let the kid solve the bullying problem himself, and then homeschool him.

  • This Will Teach Kids to Avoid Problems

    I said this in one of my debates:
    Psycology Today featured an article on Izzie Kalman, who explained that pulling kids out of homeschool due to bullying is actually not a good idea. She says: "Homeschooling is a poor way to try to remedy a bullying problem. The children will learn absolutely nothing about why they are having the problem and how to solve it. If they go back to the same school, the problem is likely to recur. Sometimes a school change will solve the problem, so I prefer that as a solution rather than homeschooling. The absolutely best solution is for the kids to be taught how to stop being bullied on their own." Two very important points are made here. Firstly, pulling kids out of homeschool will teach kids to run away from their problems instead of solving them. Secondly, the child will eventually have to return to school/the real world. If the child has no idea how to cope with bullying, how will they survive? This may seem a little harsh, but the best solution in the instance of bullying is either contacting the school, or in worst case scenario, switching schools. Also, private school may be a good option to consider in a situation such as this because it will expose the child to a slightly different atmosphere.

  • You have to face the problem to get rid of it

    By using homeschooling as the “solution” to bullying is like hiding from the problem. People who are bullied In most cases lack confidence, and homeschooling will make them, overtime, forget whatever social skills and confidence they already had. The victim of bullying needs to get the confidence to face the bully and get the bully to stop. With home schooling you just take the bully away, and while this might be effective for a while, life is full of bullies. You will find them in other schools, online, at work, where you live, practically everywhere. At the next school the kid attends, there will probably be more bullies. The best way to begin getting confidence is through making friends that will have your back, which can really help a bullying victim. When you are homeschooled, you can’t do this. If the student felt lonely already because of the bullying, taking away their friends will make it worse since the student will see them less. Overall, homeschooling could potentially worsen the bullying situation for the kid. Some problems will only go away when they are dealt with by the victim, especially bullying cases.

  • Builds a kids character

    Kids should be able to solve their problems and not runaway. When parents take their kids out of public schools it teaches them that if something is hurting them they should give up. Kids that are bullied should stand up and fix their issue. Homeschooling is not a solution for bullying.

  • Petty bullying is what we hear about...

    Bullying is a word being way overused. Students, children, and even some adults need to grow up and step up. We have taught our kids that the minute someone says something that makes them get upset could be considered "bullying". While I completely understand there are real situations where the bullying is out of control and completely unacceptable, plus there is cyber-bullying which never used to exist, however there will always be bullying in schools and real life. Kids need to learn to deal with reality and the world that will exist outside of school. If for whatever reason, the bullying is taking things to the next level, then additional or alternative options should be explored.

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