• Kids have learnt enough. Homework isn't needed

    The adults say that H.W helps you learn. But I don't see anything that we learn in H.W. Also kids have spent 5/6/7 hours learning, so we get EXTRA? No thanks! Also sometimes teachers are very mean to the kids and sometimes in juniors up to 1st class the teachers give WAY too much home work.

  • Tons of reasons

    There is too many, you dont have it bad in elementary, but middle school has so much homework, and in high school, you can even have homework for the INTERNET, we have cheap parents who dont pay the internet bill, so how could some kids do it, you also have little time to spend with family, in fact, it is for teachers too, we have to suffer all this, teachers wont have time to relax after dealing with so many kids, and with kids too, both of them have lives too, and almost all of the ones in the no are just spams, and who cares, we lose sleep, sanity, more, and it makes us suffer, school, do something about this

  • Homework is Harmful

    I thing homework is harmful because there has been no research that has proven homework is helpful, It makes children hate school even more, and I'm not saying it doesn't help but it is just so stressful for something that could easily be done is school. Also Weekend homework makes the problem even worse when teachers think that children have a longer time to do homework. The weekend was meant to be a BREAK from that sort of work, not more of it.

  • I am 13 and I know how it feels!

    It stresses us and we usually get 1 hour a day plus it can spoil weekends because we get extra long homework on Fridays. Homework is a bad idea because we could be using this time to socialise. HOMEWORK SPOILS OUR SOCIAL LIVES. It also spoils our self esteem because if were bad at school work it just takes the mick to remind ourselves were bad at work at home.

  • Homework is bad!

    I am 11 and getting about 2-4 hours a day on a daily basis. I am already struggling with my classwork, why do they put more on top of that!

    Homework is the purpose that kids are failing classes. They don't have the time to do it with football practice or something like that!

  • I think homework is a waste of time.

    Students have lives outside of school. For me, homework is just stressful all around. School can be tiring for Students, and take time out of their day when they could be relaxing or hanging out with friends. Some students need a break from cramming knowledge into their brain, and homework is just repeating the same thing they did in school that day. Most schools go over what they learned for a few days to a few weeks, so if they keep going over it, the point of homework is?

    If the parents or student wants to get better or practice at the subject, they can print worksheets or get papers from the teacher, or lessons.

    Posted by: Cyan
  • Homework is a waste of time

    At least for me because i have had it with homework i still do it but my school wants to make homework count as 50% of our grades so missing 1 homework brings me to a C and on top of that I wanted to work after school but instead i have to spend 2hrs each day on doing hw for every single class. Stuff on the hw that we reviewed in class POINTLESS we go over it everyday in class why at home? To make sure we understand? Thats why we have quizzes test or we can talk to our teachers if we do not understand. I guess schools just dont want students to have free time on their hands....

  • Homework can be usefull.

    As a fourteen year old I understand the need for homework. It is used because many kids don't work hard in school and therefor need extra work to do outside of school. However for those who do work hard it is a waste of time as it is either pointless (copy down of the internet) or something that we already knew from lessons. Homework should be set in moderation so that stressed kids don't feel crushed by the load.

    Aloso, many kids avoid working hard in tests for fear of being put into the high sets where the homework burden is too great.

  • Homework is a waste of time

    You get so worried about forgetting homework (especially when you have a lot of it) and getting into trouble for not doing it that it is very hard to learn something or to remember it. It takes so long to do by the time you are finished it is time to go to bed. And most of the time the teacher doesn't correct the homework the next day. But when you forget to do a part of it the teacher decides to correct the homework

  • May not be related to the subject at all!!!

    I feel its good to learn something outside the textbooks...But at the dead end of an important exam such as summatives(only CBSE) if teachers give certain homeworks to do which is completely deviated from the syllabus then it becomes not only a burden for the student but also a sheer wastage of time for that precious time could have been applied for the preparatiion of half-yearly and annual exams. Not only this CBSE schools ask to do plenty of project-work from which, i feel that, the learning outcome is nil!

  • Homework is totally important

    It comes in the mind. Compare between a person who does his homework, and another one who does not, and you will find a very wid difference. Also, it helps the teacher to evaluate their students. Who is better than others. Finally, I get back and say, Homework is completely important for these reasons above and other reason which can not be mentioned now

  • Homework is NOT a waste of time.

    It actually helps you more of the lessons. It helps you to understand the lesson and to apply it by your own. Homework is needed for the students to learn and gain more knowledge about the lesson. Sometimes teachers cannot explain the whole lesson by herself but with homework students can discover new learnings. That's all!

  • Homework provides a generic way of learning from home

    Even though the flesh may not like homework, and occasionally it may be harder than it should be, homework is important for learning. This is because students learn outside of the classroom as well as inside of the classroom. It gives a sense of ownership to the task at hand, and helps.

  • No, it's not

    Homework teaches work ethic, responsibility, and the need for having something productive to do with your time. It's also a helpful tool in determining which kids are driven and which aren't, simply by seeing if the assignments get done or not. Homework provides structure, young students need to have that.

  • No, homework helps kids learn.

    Homework is definitely not a waste of time. When you're learning something new, repetition can help to commit it to memory. During the class period, teachers have limited time to teach students, so by giving homework, they can extend the learning time and also help students commit what they have learned to memory. It's especially useful for subjects that build upon themselves, like math.

  • Homework Serves A Purpose

    I do not believe that homework is a waste of time. Homework helps students remember materials covered in class and makes them further use the knowledge. This in turn, should make it easier to remember. Learning is a process that takes more effort than simply showing up to class five days a week.

  • No it is not.

    Homework is not a waste of time it allows students to go back and review the teachings that were done for the day. When doing homework it helps the student know, hey did I understand this part? It shows whaat they are struggling with and what they excel at without having to take a test.

  • Homework helps you to practice your lessons

    For example: If you forget important things about your lessons, you can practice them by your homework. Also if you have a lot of free time you can do homework to learn more. That's all guys. I hope this information can help you in your debate homework or in your life!!!

  • It isn't a waste of time

    I'm not saying that I like it, i'm just saying that it isn't a waste of time! It is not fun but it is influential to a child's brain, or an adults depending on what they decide to do with their life. IT ISN'T A WASTE OF TIME MA DUDIE

  • Homework is not a waste of time!

    It builds responsibility and discipline. It also gets students better grades and results. Parents can view what has been taught at school by the teachers and their child's weakness at a certain topic. It challenges the brain to think thoroughly and gains knowledge. This is why homework is NOT a waste of time.

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