• Homework is bad!!!

    Homework is time consuming and it takes up all children's playtime! Imagine this. You come home from a big day at school and guess who's going to greet you home! IT'S HOMEWORK!!! Some children spend 4-6 hours on homework and assignments sometimes! Thats what happened to me 38 years ago!

  • They can lose sleep

    As a student i think homework is good nut most children have after school stuff and are left to do homework during dinner and when is time for them to sleep there up all night doing homework! > : ( please help me get this homework banned bye bye bye

  • Homework is a bad idea

    Homework can stress children out and can be a big burden. It consumes free time and weekend is for a BREAK FROM SCHOOL, not to be loaded with homework. If children get too much homework the stress can be phenomenal and lower their test scores. Homework shouldn't be a thing

  • Look at This

    The argument that homework affects children is in large. Yes there are bad and good sides to this argument but homework can stress children. Also it can hurt their social life not going to hang out with their friends. Yes it does help keep info jammed in their heads. Personally I think that if you could keep homework down to a minimum it would prove to be the best of both students and teachers. Students hate that it takes away form their social time and teachers don't like to grade it.

  • It is BAD

    Many scientists and teachers state that homework is bad for students and children becasue of all of the unneeded stress that gets put on kids.Many scientists and teachers state that homework is bad for students and children becasue of all of the unneeded stress that gets put on kids. D

  • Hoemwork is bad

    Homework is bad for kids. Piling on the homework doesn't help kids do better in school. In fact, it can lower their test scores. Inundating children with hours of homework each night is very annoying for kids. It does not improve test scores at all but all does it waste their time.

    Many students said their homework load led to no sleep and other health problems. Students whether they experienced health issues such as headaches, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, weight loss and stomach problems.

  • Homework Can Cause Obesity!!

    If kids have lots of homework each night, they won't have time to excersise and they can get overweight. If you don't have time to burn calories, and you will become heavier. By: An awesome person from somewhere on the Earth that is really against having homework because it sucks!!

  • Homework is bad for children

    Homework is very bad for children because all the kids go to school and read for 8-10 hours.When they will return back they will get a lot of homework which gives stress to the kids. If they will get homeworks they can't relax and go and enjoy with their friends.They wull finish their homework for 2-3 hours and they can't spend time with their family which makes their parents stress too. So I think homework is bad for children....

  • Homework is not good for teens kids mentally and physically.

    Lack of sleep can actually can give you conditions such as heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure. It can give kids stress and migraines. I believe that children should be assign homework if they have trouble with the subject. Teachers can personally hand them out to struggling students. They can give them about 5 questions and can give them examples of the assignment. Children get in trouble for sleeping in class, well if you didn't assign the homework from last night maybe I we as students could get a 8-10 hour sleep or eat dinner. Kids need extra time to play outside to burn calories not gaining weight by eating a unhealthy snack while doing homework. Going outside with your friends or relaxing on the couch from that long and tiring day. Kids only have a 2 day break from school, some kids have only 1 day to just relax (for religious reasons). This sounds like they have a job. Sleep is the number 1 thing kids need so their bodies can grow healthy and strong.

  • It stresses children

    They do not have enough time for extra clases or for being with their parents also schools are lending to much homework to kids and cause them to get stressed and not paying attention in class because they do not sleep the time they should sleep por paying attention in class

  • There is no legitimate argument against HW

    Honestly, the only reason that someone would say that homework is bad is because they want to get out of doing it. The argument that it takes away from a child's playtime is ridiculous, because the entire purpose of education in to educate not to make sure that children are having fun. I understand the argument that it is wrong to give children 8 hours of homework, but if you give a child half an hour of homework max then they will never develop the skills required to become a competent and diligent adult.

  • Nooooo wayy hose'

    Homework is needed in schools because it lets children take out the skills they learned at school to apply and practice them at home. So it sharpens their skills and makes them better at the material then it would be without homework. And that will be my opinion! :) :)

  • Playtime is great,but don't get carried away.

    I don't think homework is bad as they enhance children's memory and let them read more,by doing project learnings.If the books in the library were not even touched by some one yet just because there were no homework like project learnings,it will be horrible.
    Many US children skipped homework to play because they are more active.I don't think it is right.As I say,'homework is great,but don't get carried away.'we just need more balance between each other.

  • Playtime is great,but don't get carry away.

    I don't think HW is bad because they can increase children's memory and make them read more,by doing project learnings.If their are many books in the library,and no one has even touched them because there were no project learning hwks,it will be horrible.
    A lot of children skipped homework to play because they are more active,and are inpatient to do homework.I understand this and it is not meant to blame them.As I say,PLAYTIME IS GREAT,BUT DONT GET CARRIED AWAY,we should have balance between homework and playtime.

  • Homework is not bad for children.

    Homework is not an issue when it comes to education. It allows the student to make a personal connection to the subject outside of the classroom. The problem lies with the amount a student receives and the amount of time they have to complete the assignment. Students should be able to work at their own pace. We're all different, which means that we all have our own way of attaining knowledge.

  • Homework that is beneficial is good.

    It has been scientifically proven that repetition increases memory. Students go to school and learn a lesson. How can that attained knowledge be solidified? Homework. Homework provides a crucial review to students before they forget everything they've learned. If they forget, then what was the point of the lesson in the first place?

    Homework is not very time consuming, unless you take accelerated classes. That being said, if as a student, you don't want to do a lot of homework, don't take accelerated classes. Even with accelerated classes, if you can manage your time wisely, then you will be fine. Those that procrastinate find it difficult to keep up.

  • Homework allows a student to reflect on what they have learned.

    Homework is assigned to analyze the information given in class. It is used to see how well a student has comprehended the information. If the student does not do well on the homework and used all THEIR effort in the assignment that only means the teacher needs to reteach the information the students that did not understand. Homework is there to help.

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Star123 says2014-08-16T22:53:11.740
Homework is just a small bit of time everyone needs to spend for education. Then you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want. There is nothing wrong about it. You should study with concentration for at least 2 hrs every day.