• To a Degree

    A certain amount of homework is beneficial for students. In particular, math homework can help students better understand the concepts trying to be taught. But there needs to be a limit to the amount of homework children receive. They need time to participate in extra cirricular activities without feeling like they don't have time for homework.

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  • Suppots Time Management Skills and Term Marks

    Students as myself are loaded with clubs, extra-curricular, school, and homework. Without homework students would not learn important time management skills. This is the best way to learn time management skills because in the future when you have a job and a family you will need to learn how to juggle work, activities, and your family.
    Homework is a great way for teachers to identify students that need help with time management, and it can done early in the course of education. Tests are beneficial to check what the student knows, but homework ensures that the student is keeping up with the material and is able to complete it on time.
    Subjects such as math need homework to be completed to ensure that the student can understand the concept, and is prepared to answer any sort of question. In fact, recent studies have proven that schools with a higher load of homework have students with higher GPAs'. But we do not need studies to prove this. Simply by looking our test scores or term marks, we can see that homework is really helping us improve our marks.

  • Homework is Definite!

    Homework is beneficial for many reasons, but a big point is that other countries like Japan, Germany, and France have higher scores academically than the U.S.A. With homework, the U.S. can catch up with the countries. Research shows that homework helps students get 23% more points with homework. Homework. Yes!

  • Yes, but with limits.

    Homework that reinforces what the child has learned that day in a simple way that does not seem overwhelming and that does not need parental help can be beneficial. But anything that does not reinforce and is just busy work or that needs help from parents or that doesn't take into account the other subjects of the child is not beneficial.

  • Stresses everyone out

    Every night I go home after a long day at school and sports I get home around seven and do my homework to about 9-10 o'clock then adding in a shower its already very late then the next day I'm tired from the homework so I do worse in school and its just an endless loop of exhaustion and frustration so all it does is make me not want to learn and do worse

  • It's a big time watser

    Home work is on needed i mean like kids spend thier time in their room playing video games like roblocks and call of duty black ops 3 and also minecraft and playing narwhale.Io or agrio.Io or tyt.Io or bats.Io . Video games are better than home work when you have better things to do

  • We should not have so much homework.

    The students they have things to do like there sports and the teachers should give the students more work time in the class so when they get home they can rest and they have little work to do and the next day they will feel refreshed for work the next day because the rested and they got some of there homework in the class and some at home so they don't need to stress about homework.

  • Its not beneficial

    When kids come home from school they deserve a break because sitting in the classroom for 7-8 hours can be a bit boring and a little hard. Giving them tons of homework gives them an extra level of stress or even anger. The teachers should give time to the students in class to do work so the can just get it done and don't have to do it at home. Plus a lot of kids do sports and other extra curricular things and sometimes its hard to balance that and homework.

  • Can cause stress

    I think something that is being overlooked is that homework is one of the main causes of stress for our societies youth today. Because they have to balance their homework, extracurriculars, and a good nights sleep, it can become overwhelming and will cause stress that could potentially lead to bigger issues int the future

  • It's not beneficial

    The reason that homework is not benefical is because there is smarter countries than us(USA) ; which is a stastic and there schooling system does not believe in homework. Prove and conoversation done, homework is pointless and playing xbox360 and rapping is better than learning pointless things and doing homework

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