• Better test scores

    A study showed that kids that study and do homework are better to do in tests than students that don't. Better test score will lead to better future jobs. Sooner or later you will have to do it because you cant survive in this world with out a job. So that why kids should have homework.

  • HW is good

    There is not a reason to not like homework. You have to do it eventually. If you don't do it, your grades will come down and you will be working at McDonalds. Not even weirdos want to work at McDonalds, for that place is creepy. No one wants to have their life job there

  • Homework is really good

    Homework may not be fun, but not everything in life is fun. The most important thing about teachers giving homework, is that it helps you so much on standardized tests. You work hard on homework and get better test grades...We need home work to practice more at home, i'm from grade 8

  • Homework is a necessary tool

    It's a necessary tool for further studies and development of the brain. It helps us revise what we've learned in school. Mostly, you'll be busy talking to your friends than paying attention to what the teacher says. This means you haven't grasped everything said in class hence, homework is how you catch up on the missed out information. Studying at home helps us individually. Because, when you are at school you ask your friend or teacher for help but, you are at home you can focus better than at school. It's been proven scientifically that homework helps increase the thinking power of our brain as well as the memory of a person. This also helps us improve our time management skills. Especially for kids with tuitions, co-curricular activitical classes these people have to manage time efficiently. In the end, I'd like to say that homework helps us in every positive way possible thank you

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  • Right amount and stuff is essential!

    I will side with yes. Its not that kids get less time for play games, view TV and sleep with they manage their time. It is also essential that school and teacher must analyse and give right amount and interesting, interactive home work. It is also not necessary that kids must get home work daily, there may be some off days when the kids don't get the home work. There should not be repetition. Home work should be such that it should inspire the students and not boring.

  • Homework IS good.

    I just think it is ,no reason at all. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla and that is my reason why homework is good.It is revising for tests and exams and all that jazz stuff . Our side is winning so jio our side the dark side I mean yes side.

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  • Homework is good

    Kids should not have too much homework.Just the right amount is great. Two or three pages are okay.It is great for kids to practice what they learn in school.It also teaches kids responsibility.Responsibility is helpful at home and at school.Learning is what kids need to do all the time.It is great to learn

  • Read This Pleace

    Both would be right, But in this case, I will side with the "Yes"s. Homework gives valuable skills needed in everyday life, whether it be dealing with seemingly pointless work or writing a very useful essay. True, it causes many troubles if there are excess amounts of homework. I believe fun engaging homework is what the education system needs to reinforce.
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  • We need family time .Next is cheating

    NO we need family time because it is important for are lives because it only happens once in a life time it is special four your family.Next it will involve kids to cheat and get good grads on it and we learn enough at school all ready that is why i say no from a 5th grader.

  • Homework is bad

    Homework is bad because it messes up your schedule and its wasting time when have to do something you cant because you have to do homework and you need to relax instead of doing HOMEWORK.When you find something you don't know on your homework you get frustrated and so does your parents cause they don't feel like helping you. And if you get too much HOMEWORK your teachers dont feel like grading it they just give back and you barely learn stuff.

  • No! It's not good all the time!

    When ppl get home they usually have plans like, sports practice, a trip to a relatives house, ect. And it's not fair that as soon as kids get home they have to keep working. They should be able to relax and spend more time with family. Homework can even increase stress levels with some kids. And to some kids who are gifted it is a waste of time!

  • Homework is a waste of time.

    When you get home, you usually have plans or after school activities. Homework gets in the way of that. Homework is meant to REMIND YOU of what you did that day. It is not meant to be extra work. Homework is a useless use of our time. WE NEED RELAXATION!

  • Homework? No way! :-(

    Yes homework can be good and can possibly help a student learn more but, that is only if that particular student enjoys homework and knowing the kids in my class only like one or two does. I'm sixth grade and the homework we get is either too hard or too easy, and most of us have plans after school. Homework is a pain in the neck, literally! Kids need to learn those concepts at school not at home, their parents are their parents not their teachers! Also, some kids in my class, and also all over the world, might struggle in class, that doesn't mean they have to take it home! They can just stay after school, or in at recess and have the teacher explain to them and help them. Plus, homework is just a huge waste of time and by the time your done it's dinner time! And you only have about two or three hours to play. And now a days even preschoolers are getting homework! That's not cool, at all! Kids need to be kids, that means that they should be able to run, play, and relax not have to think about math. Did you know that 1/3 of kids cheat? And 94% use their phone during class? That's why we should not have more homework.

  • I hate homework >:I

    Kids should deffinitly NOT have homework. It's stressful and annoying. What's the point of going to school to do work, then coming back home to do more? Kids need to be kids. I want to get social with my friends, but I can't. Mum always tells me to do my HOMEWORK. It's taking up my time to be a kid, for god sake. It's also really tiring to be up all night doing something our teacher expects us to do. A lot of kids already have enough on their plate! Teachers should stop expecting too much from us. Kids hate homework.

  • Can be viewed as mechanical work.

    Homework is bad, IF it gets daunting. Unless if the education system were to somehow inspire kids on each of the school subjects each student is taking, then it is certain that kids will complain. Take the US education system(s) for example. According to surveys from OECD, the majority of the kids hate math as of 2012. In Canada, its over 90%. Why? Part of it is because a lot of teachers, most holding a BA, and not a BSci (or similar degrees) do not feel comfortable with the content. Therefore, they may not feel confident in teaching the content. Thus students are less likely to be inspired. When students ask "Why am I learning this?", the teachers can answer, "Because it is important. And if you don't do it, you get detention.", especially in the elementary levels. This can be true in other subjects depending on each situation.

    In addition, learning loss is a concern for students around the world. If students do not apply an advanced skill such as calculus in life, then they will likely forget the content.

    Yes, homework can be beneficial, but only to the best interests of children.

  • Homework is not good

    Homework isn't good because it limits the social time in students life. By doing this we are limiting the advance of our country. By our kids not learning how to socialize we are making our children less proactive in the real world. We are constricting the advance of our country.

  • Homwork is terrible

    Its forcing kids to go home and do stupid stuff. They should be able to what ever they want after a long, hard day at school. Teachers should not have any power over what a kid does during his personel time. Also learnig is not fun and parents and teachers force kids to do stuff.

  • Homework is bad

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