• Homework is harmful.

    Homework is harmful. This is because of the amount of homework that is being assigned. No student should have to have three to four hours of homework at night. This takes away from family time and personal time to unwind and do other things. We are basically turning school into an eleven hour day.

  • Homework is a waste

    Making kids do homework is just ridiculous. Kids go to school far too much and do too much work, kind of adults and how they work too much and have no life whatsoever. It's time to end this work epidemic and obsession with humans being productive machines, especially in regards to children.

  • Makes me mad

    I makes kids mad. We always have to do it and it takes like 3 hours to do a night then kids cant play outside.I always feel overwhellmed when doing homework. I need time to play with friends not doing homework. Ive learned kids are happy when they get to play out side.

  • It is evil

    It stress people out way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way to stressful for kids

  • Absolutely it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First it is stressful. Second scientist have proven that homework doesn't help you're grade or the way you learn thing.To keep it 100 no one likes homework. Also no one really does it so why give it. I feel like homework is a waste of everyone's time including the teachers

  • Homework IS harmful.

    I told my homework that I wasn't planning on finishing it but then it jumped off the table, flew into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and stabbed me in my chest. Homework is harmful. And now I have to pay for this medical bill that'll put me into debt because I just wanted to eat and go to sleep.

  • I personally believe that too much homework can be harmful.

    I personally believe that too much homework can be
    harmful. Having a healthy social life is
    just as important as being successful academically. Kids should be allowed to have a life. They should have enough free time to pursue
    extracurricular activities like sports or band if they want to. Homework should be minimal.

  • Homework is not harmful.

    Why should homework be harmful. If your spending 6 hours on homework, then that means you are not familiar with what you're learning or you are simply not efficient enough. If your are taking an average of 3 hours, that is okay if there is a big project. If you are doing homework don't stress to much or that will cause more problems that can really just be easily solved. You can take one or two breaks and listen to music if it doesn't distract you. Then you'll be fine. People need to learn and that's not going to happen without homework.

  • No, it's not harmful.

    Homework helps a student retain what they have learned in class that day and helps the teacher judge if she or he thinks that the student understands the material. It is also beneficial to students to give them daily homework because it gets them used to having structure and what they might expect in the workplace.

  • Homework is not harmful.

    Homework is an important part of school culture. Students need to review and prepare for classes at home outside of class. Everyone learns in different ways, and some students need to work alone in order to master class material. Homework is hardly harmful, and it is intended to help students do well.

  • Homework Helps Students

    Homework helps get students ready for the "real" world because not all work happens outside the home. Homework helps foster independent thinking and lets student do work apart from a teacher. Assignments done outside the classroom allow students the freedom to do projects on their own time in their own way, which means time management skills come into play.

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