• Homework is helpful in studying.

    Homework is an essential part of studying. Most people cannot retain everything they hear in class, and they must review their notes and textbook materials at home later. Homework should not be a chore, but an aid to studying. Teachers should only assign homework that is genuinely valuable to the students.

  • Homework Benefits Learning

    I believe homework is helpful in studying. Homework allows a student to apply the lessons taught in the classroom in another way. It helps the student retain information or possible learn more. I believe homework is essential to a good education that will last a life time. Homework is very helpful.

  • Homework is essential for studying.

    Yes, I do believe that homework is very helpful in studying. By spending time alone with the work you need to do for school, it helps you to absorb the information that's being covered in class. This in turn will help students to remember what they need to answer when it comes time to take those all important tests.

  • Homework Helps Students Work Outside of Class

    Homework is a vital part of anyone's education as it helps students work independently of a teacher's supervision. Homework helps a pupil's discipline, time management and study skills as each person will eventually have to do the same thing in the "real" world. Juggling a spouse, children and work is just like balancing school, homework and extracurricular activities.

  • Helps Retain Information

    I believe homework is a very important part of studying and the education system. I believe homework can help a student memorize and better understand the topics covered in class. I think homework helps cement the information in a students head so they are less likely to remember it long enough to take a test and then simply forget it.

  • It's sooooooooo boring.......

    As a student myself I think that homework is soooooooooo boring....
    I also think that it is a waste of time because most of the time I find myself pretty much writing out the same answer over and over again, which dosen't teach me anything at all, so eventually I get so sick of it that I just stop doing it.

  • It does not help

    Honestly, most kids are tiered out after seven to eight hours of school. Homework just adds a burden and most kids copy it or just look it up on the internet. Homework in moderation may not be a bad thing, but most schools give out way more than needed. Look at the number one education system in the world, Finland. It doesn't have homework.

  • Home work is waste of time

    Most of the students just do copy . And submit there copy to the teachers. I am a student and I know that to become perfect we have to practice but if a teacher will give a same type of Question 6 to 7 times then students have to copy them.
    These are my feelings.

  • It's not helpful

    Homework doesn't do anything to help study. I hardly ever get homework, and considering the terrible memory I have and the fact that I still pass my classes with a 90% or better that's saying something about how homework "Helps" people. Whenever I get homework I think of it as a drag, something I'm forced to do. So I just do it to get it over with and I don't pay any attention to what it's actually supposed to be teaching me. Homework is just something teachers use when they don't have enough time to go over something in class, it doesn't do anything to help kids it just gets annoying. I can vouch for the fact that students learn perfectly fine without homework because I never get any, and I'm in IB classes which are much harder than normal classes, and I have terrible memory, and I'm passing all my classes. Studying is something that only helps when it's done by choice with self-motivation. Homework is forced, it does nothing.

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