• It needs to be moderated,

    But it's hard to reinforce the idea that education applies to their everyday lives outside of school when they never have to take schoolwork home. It's also unreasonable to believe that all skills will be retained in all aspects of their life when the only time students are held accountable for those skills is in the structured classroom environment. Education is for life, not for school...

  • Of CouRse it Is..

    If you want to be hardworking there should be some work also which you should do as a part of your homework rather than just learning.....Guys! It helps your fingers to stretch out and force you to stop being lazy...And GET Up...To be safe From " TEACHER's PUNISHMENT".....Ooooooh guys...Thinking this even I do my hOmework...

  • It is important

    Because u atleast need to go back home and revise about what we have studied .Otherwise what is the use of going to school either .It is better if u stay home and study yourself.This is my opinion on this topic of homework is necessary or noand my answer to this is YES.........

  • It's great practice!

    Now I'm a student, and I HATE the thought of homework. But in all honesty, it's great help. When I was in third grade, and my teacher never gave homework. I was really confused about the topics and did very bad in that class. My fourth grade teacher gave the right amout of homework and I made straight A's. It makes a difference. Now, when teachers pile on homework that's different. But reasonable practice each night is necessary to help you understand the topic better.

  • Type of homework

    Homework is indeed very important but it shouldn't be the case that students are forced to solve few problems. Homework should bring the interest in students towards the subject and make them connect subject to real world. In India, where I live in, students need to get their homework verified by parents before coming to School, this makes the homework a stolid routine.

  • In general, yes, but some of it could be skipped.

    I hated homework. Who doesn't? But I can understand the value of it. It allows students to get a better grasp of ideas, and improve their knowledge. My main issue is all the useless homework. Some of it really has no reason. I also dislike giving kids too much homework right off the bat. In my opinion the first two weeks or so should be a more relaxed period. That doesn't mean that you should give no homework during that time, but to try to keep it down and not too hard.
    Once the school year has started going, sure give them harder homework. But overloading them at the start of the school year helps nobody.
    Also, I would like to see more choice in homework. Give them options for what they would want to do. Not everyone learns in the same way. Let them choose what kind of homework they want to do.

  • Depends on what career you're going into.

    I am a college student. I am getting my general ed classes out of the way so that I can go on to get a bachelor's in political science. If you're in middle school, try your best. Knowledge is power. On the other hand, don't berate yourself over anything you don't get or can't remember. Try as you may, you won't remember everything, and not everything is a "transferrable skill." Do your best, though, and insist on getting help understanding something when you need it.

    If you're in highschool and you plan to drop out to get a full-time job (which I'm not endorsing by the way), then stick it out until you're of age to quit. If you're planning to graduate college and go to community college (like I'm doing), they don't look at your grades, but the knowledge is still valuable. If you're planning to graduate high school and go to an Ivy League or major university, then homework is important.

  • It's a great help

    Homework is designed to make sure you understand the course material. I have Accounting and AP US History every day, and i make sure that i know the mateiral presented in the homework, because it is most likely going to be used for a DBQ or essay for the AP exam

  • The students DON'T need this much work.

    The students, no matter how old, dont need 3 hours of homework! I'm currently an 8th grader in all gifted classes. I'm reading on a college freshman level. I am in algebra 2. I am in chemistry. That is only THREE classes. If my homework for THREE classes exceeds two hours something is wrong. My other classes include Cyber Security, computer engineering class, and band. I try my hardest to keep up with everything but I get stressed out to the point of having a breakdown. I scream, cry, and can be the easiest person to annoy when I have a lot of homework. I try to make good grades which is hard when you have 6 other classes to worry about. Not to mention how much I hate certain teachers. They don't care if ONE person doesn't understand. If it is one of the "good kids" it is their main priority. No "good kid"? No help. Let's talk about the homework again. *MAIN REASON* If I don't learn what I need to in school, I shouldn't be punished with 5 hours of homework. *MAIN REASON* I love ranting to the internet.

  • Homework is not Studying

    Yes Studying is important but teachers don't need to give you homework it doesn't let kids do other things. If there is homework it should only be unfinished work that other kids have finished to prove its possible to finish in the school time other then that there is no reason for homework.
    And I have already stated that studying is something different you have to research but the rest is in class

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