Is homework the cause of many health problems in younger teens?

Asked by: chuckie3211
  • Homework is a bad deal

    Homework can cause many many problems. They cause much stress in younger teens. Homework is also a major cause of obesity and weight loss. It also causes abuse of drugs. The main reason for this is so kids would be able to stay awake longer to finish those last few questions.

  • Only if it's an unreasonable amount

    My brother when he was in high school he would much rather go on facebook or goof off, sometimes he would come home as late as 2:30 just to not do homework. Who Knows what other kids could do. Maybe they are depressed and stressed with homework and maybe they go drink or take drugs or something.

  • It doesn't affects our health

    Well homework basically doesn't cause health issues but if we sleep or just sit lazy complaining about it we will eventually do it in the last hour which may cause health issues. But teachers should also be careful and they should not flood us with home work
    But in the same place if we stay organized it wont affect anything but just give benefit !
    After all practice makes a man perfect!!

  • Practice, practice, practice--oh, and parallels

    Homework, while a pain in the rear, is necessary--particularly in areas like the sciences and math because it is a repetition of information taught, and this repetition solidifies the learning process. I wouldn't be able to get by in math without homework--and as long as you know how to manage your time wisely, homework isn't an issue. Homework can be a huge help as it aids in a higher grade and cushions a bad test score. There are always going to be things you don't want to do later in life--homework parallels that. You don't want to do it, but it's beneficial when you do.

  • Whatever, your kid needs to get over it.

    I suggest you give your child a Tylenol and get over it. The purpose of homework isn't to reinforce what's learned at school. The purpose of homework is to practice a life skill. Unless you flip burgers at McDonald's, most CAREERS, not jobs, require you to do work on your own time at home. Thus the purpose of homework. Tada, mystery solved.

  • I used to believe that it was a problem, but come on.

    I believe that you can't say homework causes health problems! I mean come on! That is blaming something supposedly beneficial and saying its awful. I am a high school senior, trust me, I hate homework, but it is meant to be practice. Practice makes perfect :) At least that is what I think

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