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  • Because it takes away from othere things and is veary stressful

    Home worck is not nessary because that it takes away family time and is
    stressful and is veary anxis and because people need to spend more time together and i think it is veary unnsecary and no one
    needs that kind of stress and people need to relax and enjoy life

  • Yes, it is unnecessary.

    I agree that student should get at some homework to go through and actually practice what they have learnt through the day. However teachers now fail to consider the amount of homework they give pilling together. I am a student and have just hit year 11. I have already started to feel the stress of

  • Homework is the key to learning

    Yes homework is necessary, and it benefits a child's education. Many studies have shown that homework consolidates what a student has learned in class and helps them understand the topic better. Homework can help skills that may be needed in exams, which makes it vital to the success of students.

  • Homework is necessary

    The purpose of homework is to practice skills and concepts learned in the classroom. Without practice one cannot master them. Homework also teaches responsibility, time management, and how to prioritize tasks, all skills that are necessary in life. It also forces children/teens to spend some time developing and/or enhancing thinking skills.

  • Practice makes perminant

    I graduated high school, went to college, and now I'm a teacher. I teach art. I did more homework than most anyone I knew in college. It was time consuming, difficult, and at times extremely boring (photo realism assignments are so boring). But even with all the struggle of homework I was able to understand not just facts but connections that the facts make. I was able to heighten my abilities compared to those of my fellow students. Also, if people try to make the argument that it's unrealistic in the real world to work a full time job and then do more work at home, you are wrong. Like I said, I'm a teacher, I work about 60 hours a week at the school, and then I go home and spend a few hours a day at home preparing things for disrespectful, douchey, technologically addicted, teens. It is a real aspect of life.

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