• A Scare Tactic

    Either you support homosexuality or you're a bigot. Reminiscent of the antichrist when demanding free will but not sharing it very well. Intolerance of intolerance is still hypocrisy, which raises the question of whether how unnecessary hypocrisy is when logic is at a deadend. This ultimatum is better than hell/God how? Justifying it is not advisable.

  • Yes, it damages lives

    Someone could be being bullied for their sexuality, making them depressed, they could start self harming, they also could be losing their self esteem, of course it's a weapon, some people threaten, assault, hurt, and even attempt to kill homosexuals, bisexuals, lesbians, as they don't think its 'right' just because they're a stubborn person with their head up their arses looking for a reason to hate most people just because they're different to them.

    I'm aged 15 and I'm a lesbian, and I do believe it's a crime.

  • Bad, but not a "weapon"

    A fair definition of weapon is "a tool used against someone to harm them."
    Homophobia is attitudes or practices against gays, not the tool one uses to harm them.
    You can employ insults, legislation, physical violence, and other tools against gays, which is called homophobia. But homophobia itself is not the weapon.

  • A gun is a weapon

    Homophobia is a misnomer for anti-gay sentiment. It is in no way a tactic because their is no individual person or group that deliberately uses it (people who don't like homosexuality don't like homosexuality, they're not just pretending to not like it for some nefarious purpose) let alone a weapon.

  • Homophobia is a Fear

    Weapon as defined by dictionary.Com: http://dictionary.Reference.Com/browse/Weapon?S=t
    Homophobia as defined by dictionary.Com: http://dictionary.Reference.Com/browse/homophobia?S=t
    My Interpretation: Homophobia is a strong fear or disgust regarding or towards Homosexuals and Homosexuality. Fear and disgust are not weapons, if anything they are crutches. It is not used against opponents , it is not used in attack or defense, it is not a weapon.

  • Homophobia is good for the human species

    Homophobia is an evolutionary disease avoidance behavior. Homophobia is rooted in disgust and disgust is a defense system. Some examples are, non-homophobic women are more likely to have sex with bisexual men in which increases the risk of contracting deadly STDs. Homophobic men are more likely to hang out with gay men in which increases the chances of getting drunk and having gay sex and which increases the risk of contracting deadly STDs

  • It's Behavioral, But No AK-47

    Homophobia isn't a weapon. At best, it's an illness and I sometimes question that possibility. Homophobia may be closer to racism than anything else. Obviously, anyone that harbors such strong views could act violently on them. Still, many hold these views & they do not do so.

    Churches have long used the pulpit to crusade against anything. In my lifetime, I've heard sermons attack those who drink alcohol; those who divorce; those who fornicate; those who steal or cheat; those who are homosexuals, etc. That's just what the churches do. And, with times, some of those sermons seem to disappear. For example, in the early 70's, a sermon that blasted divorce was common. Today, you rarely hear one. Yet, Biblical teaching frowns upon the subject. I suspect, eventually, the sermons blasting homosexuality will follow suit.

    We cannot make people like us, or accept us. Society will always find something to use to exclude people and condemn them. That's a given. In that respect, anything could be used like a weapon -- against you.

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