• If pedophilia, Bestiality, And Necrophiliacs is bad, So should homophobia.

    If pedophilia, Bestiality, And Necrophiliacs is bad, So should homophobia. I say this mainly because god intended us all to just be straight, And if society discriminates you, And prevents you from expanding on that, It only makes sense to also hate on anything but. I believe the LGBT+ community hates pedophilia, Bestiality, And Necrophiliacs, Probably because of a bad track record. XD

  • Yes homes are good

    Why would you hate a home. You live there, Eat there, Have sexy times there, And many die there. If you hate your home maybe buy another one instead of attacking it verbally and physically. Homes have feelings and they don't like it when you start talking trash, Please be respectful. #Homerights

  • We are you afraid of them

    I don't like homosexuality. But that does not mean I am afraid of homosexuals. Chances are that you probably already interacted with one and shook hands with a homosexual in the closet.
    I completely do not like what they are doing and oppose their beliefs but I will not run away in fear if I see one using the bathroom.
    Never give into fear.

  • Irrational fear, Hatred, And intolerance

    The term homophobia was first described in 1972 by George Weinberg and defined as an irrational fear, Hatred, And intolerance of being in close quarters with homosexual men and women.

    Gay and bisexual youth and other sexual minorities are more likely to be rejected by their families. This increases the possibility of them becoming homeless. Around 40% of homeless youth are LGBT. A study published in 2009 compared gay, Lesbian, And bisexual young adults who experienced strong rejection from their families with their peers who had more supportive families. The researchers found that those who experienced stronger rejection were about:

    8 times more likely to have tried to commit suicide
    6 times more likely to report high levels of depression
    3 times more likely to use illegal drugs
    3 times more likely to have risky sex

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